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Christina Milian

y’all actually wanna sit through 15 mins of JLo lipsyncing to Ashanti and Christina Milian’s vocals? mmmkay... https://t.…
Collected: 5 Feb 18
#ALDUBChooseHappiness ?? @lynieg88 @wengcookie @salvadortrish21 @pinkyfaye @radoc_jeana @aldub_sherry18 @IslaBarbaraisa…
Collected: 2 Feb 18
Nick Cannon fucked Christina Milian, Selita Eubanks, Nicole Scherzinger, Mariah, and Kim Kardashian... A millionaire..…
Collected: 24 Jan 18
Rihanna's "SOS" was originally offered to Christina Milian for her "So Amazin'" album but she passed up on the track.…
Collected: 23 Feb 18
I really wanted so much more for Christina Milian.
Collected: 18 Mar 18
me: how do I make my man say ooh? Christina Milian:
Collected: 28 Feb 18
#ALDUBTangingMahal ?? #ALDUBxMagnoliaSalesCon @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @ricsl1600 @bffmaine15…
Collected: 9 Mar 18
Christina Milian still fine af.
Collected: 6 Feb 18
This is why I find it hard to love Jennifer Lopez the way I want to. She stole tracks Ashanti and Christina Milian back in the d…
Collected: 23 Jan 18
What a way to find out that Christina Milian is still with us
Collected: 18 Feb 18
Lauren London, Tatyana Ali, Meagan Good, and Christina Milian.
Collected: 6 Feb 18
This is Christina Milian’s most popular song. ??
Collected: 4 Feb 18
Nas, Nipsey, Chamillionaire, Hov, RZA, Ray J, Christina Milian, Ryan Leslie are normalizing black tech entrepreneurship i…
Collected: 10 Mar 18
Christina showed us how to Dip It Low and had little girls all around the country trying to dance like her Dip It Low -…
Collected: 27 Feb 18
Good morning. Christina Milian came to do what she had to do on Dip It Low.
Collected: 21 Feb 18
Cassie is the best of scammers, fellow industry artists turned industry girlfriends should learn. Yes Christina Milian.
Collected: 16 Mar 18
Tracklist Pt.4 ?? Eve x Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin' Ja Rule x Christina Milian - Between Me & You LL Cool J - Luv U Bette…
Collected: 14 Mar 18
I aim to be early 2000s JLo, Cassie, Christina Milian, Amerie, & Ashanti fine
Collected: 8 Mar 18
Who else can't wait to hear the full version of @LilTunechi and @MannieFresh's "Start This Shit Off Right" track? #ThaCarte…
Collected: 4 Mar 18
Christina Milian as Paris Morgan, she was serving looks throughout this movie. ??
Collected: 4 Mar 18
Christina Milian, Randy Starks & more soon to come
Collected: 24 Feb 18
Queen Latifah JR Smith Shaq Whitney Houston Christina Milian Ice T Lauryn Hill Faith Evans Tasha Smith
Collected: 22 Feb 18
Now let’s move onto “Play”. Some dumbasses on here really think JLo stole vocals from Christina Milian ?? Yes she sings on the…
Collected: 19 Feb 18
?? @ChristinaMilian & @MPokora Leaving 'Il Pastaio' in Beverly Hills (L.A 02.13.2018) © gotceleb MORE ?
Collected: 13 Feb 18
Girl I thought you were Christina Milian
Collected: 5 Feb 18
I cant wait until y'all find out that's Christina Milian singing the hook on J-Lo's "Play."
Collected: 4 Feb 18
Braless Christina Milian leaves little to the imagination as she suffers wardrobe malfunction after Hollywood night out…
Collected: 3 Feb 18
Christina Milian - I’m Sorry ??
Collected: 30 Jan 18
Christina Milian - Dip It Low (barbwires) #NowPlaying #RnB #Pop #Hit #Music
Collected: 12 Mar 18
My bro said Christina Milian hasn't had a hit since the Kim Possible theme song ??
Collected: 12 Mar 18
Christina Milian Underrated
Collected: 10 Mar 18
Fake woke twitter user @thatgirlsalina: JLo is anti-black! She stole Christina Milian’s vocals! She took Christina’s song…
Collected: 7 Mar 18
Barman: what you having? Me: just any lager please Barman: and you? Christina Milian:
Collected: 6 Mar 18
Christina Milian’s best song
Collected: 3 Mar 18
RT & Like if you want Christina Milian's tight body bouncing on your cock...
Collected: 2 Mar 18
@paradiamonds its so crazy that in 2018 ppl still expect latinas to just look like Christina Milian and JLo
Collected: 2 Mar 18
@Popjustice Microsoft used to have a playlist optimisation tool. We used it on our wedding disco playlist. All it did was add Ch…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
On who Christina Milian is from Waldorf? LMFAOOOO
Collected: 10 Feb 18
Christina Milian pulled up in the Rolls Royce to shit on the whole Waldorf. She wild.
Collected: 10 Feb 18
Oh Christina Milian out Westlake showing off at her class reunion huh? That's wild.
Collected: 9 Feb 18
Christina Milian from Instagram
Collected: 9 Feb 18
Christina Milian feat. Robby - After Party (Produced by DJ Marley Waters): Thanks for the supporT…
Collected: 8 Feb 18
In honor of the #KimPossible movie, here's when I asked @ChristinaMilian for the sitch on the theme song
Collected: 7 Feb 18
Harvey x Christina Milian | Own The Night (Prod. By Blinkie) [Music Vide... via @YouTube
Collected: 7 Feb 18
Beyoncé didn’t let Christina milian breathe .... she dipped it low and didn’t get up
Collected: 6 Feb 18
Back in the hot summer of 04, the overall temperature was rising, Christina Milian’s “Dip It Low” dominated hit charts…
Collected: 6 Feb 18