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Christina Milian

@WankLife4: Request 1: Christina Milian for @qboi13
Christina Milian - Gonna Tell Everybody This is off the ‘Amazin’ album. I’m not quite sure why her label didn’t release…
Collected: 29 Mar 18
*Dip It Low by Christina Milian plays* “Dip it low, pick it up slow Roll it all around Poke it out like your back bro…
Collected: 7 May 18
I really wanted so much more for Christina Milian.
Collected: 18 Mar 18
10 Most Notorious THOTs/HOEs 1. Blac Chyna 2. Amber Rose 3.Celina Powell 4.Karrine Steffans 5.Cardi B 6. Christina Mili…
Collected: 16 May 18
me: how do I make my man say ooh? Christina Milian:
Collected: 28 Feb 18
Trolled for being healthy?
Collected: 25 Apr 18
Christina Milian's twin ????
Collected: 26 Mar 18
#ALDUBTangingMahal ?? #ALDUBxMagnoliaSalesCon @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @ricsl1600 @bffmaine15…
Collected: 9 Mar 18
Christina Milian was peak fine in that hoe too
Collected: 12 May 18
[email protected] @DrRyanX @Wetgirlslive Christina Milian at the “Good Day New York” Promoting Her Jewelry Line (26 April, 2018) ?? h…
Collected: 28 Apr 18
I’m tryna understand what is it about Lil Wayne that had these wimmenz SPRUNG. Like Christina Milian in TEARS....what was it?…
Collected: 15 Apr 18
[email protected] @DrRyanX @Wetgirlslive Christina Milian out and About, West Hollywood (11 April, 2018) ?? ??…
Collected: 12 Apr 18
I've had a crush on Christina Milian ever since I watched love don't cost a thing
Collected: 5 Apr 18
Thhought this was Christina Milian but damn Salt thicka than the plot
Collected: 30 Mar 18
Nas, Nipsey, Chamillionaire, Hov, RZA, Ray J, Christina Milian, Ryan Leslie are normalizing black tech entrepreneurship i…
Collected: 10 Mar 18
Christina showed us how to Dip It Low and had little girls all around the country trying to dance like her Dip It Low -…
Collected: 27 Feb 18
Request 1: Christina Milian for @qboi13
Collected: 25 May 18
@ELBoriDomi @ArieChanae @wendywhaleiamzz @artpopfaggot @jloicon @omnijlo @JLo_Philippines ??Play (Christina Milian) ??I'm…
Collected: 16 May 18
Teach your kids about Marcus Garvey Malcolm X Assata shakur Patrice Lumumba Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Nat Turner Harriet…
Collected: 26 Apr 18
@_SincerelyDee You def looking like Christina Milian in the last pic
Collected: 24 Apr 18
[email protected] @DrRyanX @Wetgirlslive Christina Milian poses at French Montana’s boohooMAN Party at Poppy, Los Angeles (11 April,…
Collected: 19 Apr 18
Christina Milian looking gorgeous with a #MoviePass cup in hand! Thanks again for joining us at #MoviePassDesertEscape https…
Collected: 17 Apr 18
young Christina Milian
Collected: 16 Apr 18
Who was badder ATL Lauren London or Love Don’t Cost a Thing Christina Milian ??
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Cassie is the best of scammers, fellow industry artists turned industry girlfriends should learn. Yes Christina Milian.
Collected: 16 Mar 18
Tracklist Pt.4 ?? Eve x Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin' Ja Rule x Christina Milian - Between Me & You LL Cool J - Luv U Bette…
Collected: 14 Mar 18
I aim to be early 2000s JLo, Cassie, Christina Milian, Amerie, & Ashanti fine
Collected: 8 Mar 18
Who else can't wait to hear the full version of @LilTunechi and @MannieFresh's "Start This Shit Off Right" track? #ThaCarte…
Collected: 4 Mar 18
Christina Milian as Paris Morgan, she was serving looks throughout this movie. ??
Collected: 4 Mar 18
Christina Milian: “It's late at night He's coming home Meet him at the door with nothin' on Take him by the hair Let him kno…
Collected: 18 May 18
Ashanti- Happy Ja Rule & Christina Milian- Between Me & You Bobby Valentino- Slow Down Beyoncé- Party, Summertime Jazmine…
Collected: 12 May 18
Thank God for Beyoncé Thank God for Christina Aguilera Thank God for Mariah Carey Thank God for Britney Spears Thank God…
Collected: 11 May 18
Dip it low by Christina milian is a forgotten classic
Collected: 27 Apr 18
Call me, Beep me - Christina Milian
Collected: 26 Apr 18
Christina Milian finna be that sexy forever
Collected: 19 Apr 18
Christina Milian: “Dip it low, pick it up slow. Roll it all around, poke it out like ya back broke. Pop, pop, pop that thang…
Collected: 17 Apr 18
??2004?? #1 If I Ain’t Got You - Alicia Keys #2 Goodies - Ciara #3 Naughty Girl - Beyoncé #4 My Immortal - Evanescence #…
Collected: 17 Apr 18
We all seen what happen to nick cannon tryna pull that on Christina milian in love don’t cost a thing
Collected: 17 Apr 18
Karrueche, Cassie and Christina Milian last night ??
Collected: 14 Apr 18
Christina Milian: dip it low, pick it up slow. Roll it all around, poke it out like ya back broke. Pop, pop, that thang. I…
Collected: 12 Apr 18
#tapforsound So today marks a full year since I purchased my first turntables! Ever sincr, I have been practising 6 days a wee…
Collected: 11 Apr 18
Christina Milian snapped on the Kim Possible theme song
Collected: 11 Apr 18
Listen to CHRISTINA MILIAN by ProductOfTheCity(P.O.T.C) #np on #SoundCloud
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Bitch I’m piped up ! ?????? Out now !
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Y'all remember Christina Milian in the Dip It Low music video? She was covered in Nutella looking so good..
Collected: 5 Apr 18
christina milian / "us against the world" - the first artist signed to myspace records (dead ass). this was a slay. https:/…
Collected: 1 Apr 18
[email protected] Cast in Fox's 'Mixtape' Pilot (Exclusive)
Collected: 26 Mar 18