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Anil Kapoor

Amartya Sen to Indian economy is what Anil Kapoor is to Hollywood
Collected: 22 Jul 13
Breaking News: Anil Kapoor Has Got A VVIP Entry To The Axe Boat Party!!
Collected: 2 Apr 14
breaking news - 1st indian to use 4G ? Anil kapoor- aG, oG, loG, sunoG, hua na 4G..
Collected: 31 Jan 14
How to cure baldness Tip#235: 1. Apply a lot of feviquick on your bald head 2. Headbutt Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor: Ouch! Dr. Ba…
Collected: 8 Jul 13
BJP gloating that PM's brother has joined their party is like YRF boasting that they signed Sanjay Kapoor while Anil Kapo…
Collected: 26 Apr 14
Manoj Kumar's face, Anil Kapoor's nipples and Harman Baweja's talent. #HiddenTreasures
Collected: 18 Oct 13
I bet Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Jitendra etc get together at middle of the night to get drunk & discuss "BC kya kare ap…
Collected: 25 Mar 14
2) Name a film featuring Anil Kapoor, Manisha Koirala and the word 'Love' in its title. #Lovestruck
Collected: 11 Feb 14
Anil Kapoor was probably the black sheep of his family - because only he could've produced three bagfuls of wool
Collected: 12 Aug 13
For all those asking when I make an entry in Anil Kapoor's TV serial 24 its TONITE 10pm on Colors. Pls do watch and send m…
Collected: 1 Nov 13
Anil Kapoor hair raising clinic. #WrongProfessions
Collected: 20 Apr 14
Even Anil Kapoor Has Less No. Of Hairs On His Body Than The No. Of Galaxy Models Launched By Samsung Till Now.
Collected: 18 Apr 14
Real Life Version of Nayak would have played out if AK (Arvind Kejriwal/ Anil Kapoor) had met and questioned Modi today #AKasks…
Collected: 7 Mar 14
800 transfers in one hour breaks the record previously held by Anil Kapoor. Way to go, AAP
Collected: 6 Jan 14
Kabil Sibal has more hair on his eyebrows than Anil Kapoor has on his whole body.
Collected: 18 Sep 13
Twitter / karanjohar: And we had the #24 man in the ...

And we had the #24 man in the house today...the super energetic And hugely talented...Anil Kapoor!

And we had the #24 man in the house today...the super energetic And hugely talented...Anil Kapoor!

Also.....Ravi Shastri looks like a sun dried Anil Kapoor. There....said it.
Collected: 16 Nov 13
#BechDeLungi Contest Q1. Who was SRK's co-star in his debut film 'Deewana' ? a.Jackie Shroff b. Anil Kapoor c.Rishi Kap…
Collected: 9 Aug 13
Q 8 For which film did Anil Kapoor shave off his moustache? #PehliKamai
Collected: 9 Apr 13
lol when asian guys try to go for that Mariano Di Vaio moustache and goatee look and end up looking like a Anil Kapoor
Collected: 14 Apr 14
Man in the mirror -

Anil Kapoor: Man in the mirror

With 37 years in Bollywood and his daughter and son in the movies Anil Kapoor should be relaxing Not just yet He s starring in a Bollywood lockbuster producing and acting in the second season of the hit series 24 and about to launch a global entertainment company from Dubai He tells Shiva Kumar Thekkepat why he will always stay hungry

5 Apr 14
Anil Kapoor - The Only Person Eligible For The AXE Boat Party!!
Collected: 29 Mar 14
Anil Kapoor's movie was called Nayak but if a movie is made on Kejriwal it would surely be called "Nalayak"...
Collected: 15 Feb 14
Do it!! Catch me if u can.. RT @sapana003: @priyankachopra and Anil Kapoor are going to be on my campus today!!! #mustf…
Collected: 14 Jan 14
After carefully considering Rahul, Modi and AAP candidates I've decided my choice for PM next year is Anil Kapoor from Nayak
Collected: 24 Nov 13
Anil Kapoor is the NRI relative bringing gifts from abroad "@firstpostin: After ’24', will Anil Kapoor get ‘Homeland’ to Indi…
Collected: 11 Nov 13
Thnk u @AnilKapoor of d best interview in comedy nights..evergreen energetic..the great Anil Kapoor..Gud luck f…
Collected: 20 Sep 13
Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Kapoor unite for a cause. Check it out- ::…

Big B, SRK & Anil Kapoor unite for a cause

Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Imran Khan and John Abraham were seen at Uttarkhand for a fundraiser event


16 Aug 13
Twitter / AnupamPkher: When Anil Kapoor caught my ...

When Anil Kapoor caught my collar today @actorprepares. Jai Ho.:)

When Anil Kapoor caught my collar today @actorprepares. Jai Ho.:)

Anil Kapoor #24 @KapilSharmaK9 #ComedyNightsWithKapil are adding more colours to @ColorsTV #ONTV
Collected: 28 Oct 13
#BreakingNews Disney India & Anil Kapoor Film Co's #Khoobsurat starring the lovely @sonamakapoor releases on 19th Sep http://…
Collected: 30 Apr 14
Want a sneak peek in to Harshvardhan Kapoor’s debut film? Here’s what Anil Kapoor’s son is up to:
Collected: 21 Apr 14
The last time the CIA supported an Indian...they sent Jack Bauer to Anil Kapoor.
Collected: 21 Apr 14
Aliens: We are going to hijack this planet. *They Came* *land UFO* *Now finding it in Anil Kapoor's chest*
Collected: 16 Apr 14
Anil Kapoor ~ "Love is in the hair."
Collected: 28 Mar 14
Independent candidate from Mundka says Kejriwal's looks like bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, house in splits @htTweets
Collected: 3 Jan 14
Arvind Kejriwal must be the 3rd fastest person to become CM, from date of joining politics. Top 2: Arjun in Mudhalvan, A…
Collected: 23 Dec 13
How was Velcro discovered.? It all happened in the 90s.When Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor hugged each other without a s…
Collected: 22 Nov 13
I was told today that a particular channel was running a quiz on Anil Kapoor. I am sure it proved to be beneficial for …
Collected: 8 Nov 13
"I can't help it. My problem is hairyditary." ~ Anil Kapoor
Collected: 25 Oct 13
Anil Kapoor's starting dialogue in the '24' serial is so amazing & innovative! It says "Har din mein 24 ghante hote ha…
Collected: 3 Oct 13