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180212 Q&A on Chi NY Yixing cut Q: on meaning of red pocket A: u need to give more red pockets to ur parents & be a filial…
Collected: 12 Feb 18
The road to the top is paved in blood in @DonnieYenCT's acclaimed new thriller, #ChasingTheDragon. Coming to UK DVD next wee…
Collected: 19 Jan 18
Yixing: (On red packets) Give more red packets to your parents, be a filial person. Between friends, don't need to give…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
161208- ????????????? Andy Lau with Andy LU???? #?? #?? #???
Collected: 8 Dec 17
Donnie Yen and Andy Lau Rule the Streets in Chasing The Dragon
Collected: 19 Jan 18
Dr Lau, now: Superstar #AndyLau accorded honorary doctorate

Dr Lau, now: Superstar Andy Lau accorded honorary doctorate

HONG KONG: When Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau received an honorary doctorate from Shue Yan University on Thursday, his acceptance speech consisted of just one line, where he said: ‘No worries, I am not going to make a speech, thank you.’
Dr Lau, now: Superstar Andy Lau accorded honorary doctorate

NST Online
15 Dec 17
Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau receives honorary doctorate
Collected: 14 Dec 17
Andy Lau awarded honorary doctorate from Hong Kong Shue Yan University for his contributions to the entertainment industry ht…
Collected: 15 Dec 17