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Chris Colfer

LOL @chriscolfer is 100% one of our most favorite humans. Watch him tell us about aliens, #TLOS6 and more!
Collected: 12 Aug 17
Chris Colfer on the #TLOS6 tour ass appreciation post!!! ????????
Collected: 6 Aug 17
??Chris Colfer?? His voice is beautiful and pure, I am addicted
Collected: 12 Sep 17
#ChrisColferSingToUs you said chRIS COLFER SINGING? @chriscolfer
Collected: 4 Aug 17
RT If you stan: 5sos Ed 1D Zayn Tyler Oakley Chris Colfer Darren Criss Shawn Glee Teen Wolf The Flash Ouat Twd TMR bc we…
Collected: 5 Sep 17
Chris Colfer with glasses, a religion...
Collected: 20 Aug 17
At this moment. CHRIS COLFER reading #TLOS at Chapters Metrotown.
Collected: 29 Jul 17
Photographed while we were shooting the Wedding episode. Chris Colfer was the absolute best guy to act with… http://t.…
Collected: 14 Aug 17
Notification: "Chris Colfer tweeted..." Our fandom:
Collected: 9 Aug 17
Part 2: How well does @chriscolfer know fairytales? We challenge him to some trivia... with a little twist! https://t.c
Collected: 9 Aug 17
'There's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world you live in' - Chris Colfer #namtaehyun #??? https://t…
Collected: 7 Aug 17
Me when someone mentions how amazing Chris Colfer is
Collected: 1 Aug 17
We'd extremely excited to welcome The Land of Stories author Chris Colfer to Petaluma's Mystic Theater tonight! Are you e…
Collected: 27 Jul 17
chris colfer talking proudly about amber riley appreciation tweet ?? i love their friendship
Collected: 17 Sep 17
Pre-Order [email protected]'s The Land of Stories Complete Hardcover Gift Set! Release date: Oct. 3, 2017 #TLOS @BNBuzz h…
Collected: 1 Sep 17
Chris Colfer Stans: -gay -want him to sing again -puberty posts -will read his children's books no matter what age
Collected: 31 Jul 17
#Facebook | Collin S,: Just got back from Chris Colfer's book presentation at Miami Dade! Man, this guy sure .. https:/…
Collected: 22 Jul 17
“You can change a body, but you can’t change a soul. The heart wants what it wants.” ? Chris Colfer, Stranger Than Fan…
Collected: 19 Sep 17
i'm in love with chris colfer drinking water wtf
Collected: 17 Sep 17
*tour guide voice* and here's Chris Colfer being the cutest and blessing his stans.
Collected: 14 Aug 17
chris colfer sings in his car, shower, when he cooks and to his pets. i'm so upset i'm not the one living with chris rn
Collected: 6 Aug 17
What I need in my life? - Chris Colfer's books - Chris Colfer singing #ChrisColfersingtous
Collected: 4 Aug 17
This is today! Join @HBGCanada author Chris Colfer at Chapters Metrotown this afternoon, and pick up a copy of #TLOS6 ?? htt…
Collected: 29 Jul 17
"series wrap on chris colfer"
Collected: 28 Jul 17
Find out why we all need a grandmother like Chris Colfer’s, and why his book fans should thank J.K. Rowling... https:/…
Collected: 26 Jul 17
“I feel like the ideas find me”: A Moment with Chris Colfer - @chriscolfer @chaptersindigo https://t…

A Moment With Chris Colfer

You may recognize Chris Colfer from his Golden Globe-winning turn on Ryan Murphy’s hit show Glee, but we guarantee your kids will know him as the beloved aut...
A Moment With Chris Colfer

25 Jul 17
find someone who looks at u the way chris colfer looks at cats
Collected: 22 Jul 17
But one of the big lessons I have learned from my journey is you can't please everyone, so don't try. Chris Colfer
Collected: 19 Sep 17
Chris colfer you are the love of my life. No more to say :)
Collected: 4 Sep 17