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Chris Colfer

@MrsWernerSL: Our new read aloud is Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories. Today the class was laughing so hard they were crying ?? !!! Thank y…
@chriscolfernet: The Land of Stories: The Ultimate Book Hugger's Guide - On Sale: October 16th 2018
@alicefalldown: I just screamed “I’ll make love to you” to Chris Colfer ??
Collected: 7 Jan 18
cried because of chris colfer and darren criss
Collected: 29 Dec 17
me when Chris Colfer.
Collected: 15 Jan 18
and if you look to your right you can see chris colfer's amazing acting !!
Collected: 19 Feb 18
Dylan O’brien vs. Chris Colfer {rt after you vote}
Collected: 19 Feb 18
RT: Chris Colfer Like: Kurt Hummel
Collected: 17 Feb 18
here we have gay icon chris colfer roasting someone’s ignorance
Collected: 5 Jan 18
i can’t believe chris colfer just saved 2018 and it’s only february
Collected: 7 Feb 18
? thread of chris colfer loving his fans to no end ?
Collected: 27 Jan 18
god remember when chris colfer did that as kurt hummel? no one could ever
Collected: 16 Jan 18
stop saying chris colfer's career is disappearing when the guy is literally selling millions of books across the world. the…
Collected: 13 Jan 18
chris colfer is my favorite person ever
Collected: 2 Jan 18
how to fall in style with chris colfer
Collected: 25 Dec 17
Chris Colfer is the most perfect person in this world??
Collected: 22 Feb 18
“So Chris Colfer is gonna have to share him with me.”
Collected: 12 Feb 18
to the person who brought up Chris Colfer in the same article as a fucking pedophile and told him to “watch out” as to say…
Collected: 30 Jan 18
Unpopular opinion: Chris Colfer’s voice is better than Lea Michele’s in Bring Him Home (and many other songs)
Collected: 29 Jan 18
Chris Colfer is the best Chris, thanks for listening
Collected: 27 Jan 18
RT to be in a Chris Colfer gc :)
Collected: 21 Jan 18
Chris Colfer scrolling through IG this morning
Collected: 21 Jan 18
"are u ready for ur lesson on how to be successful?" lea michele didn't gulp. dianna agron didn't nod. chris colfer d…
Collected: 7 Jan 18
Chris Colfer deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve him
Collected: 19 Feb 18
chris colfer is one of the most gorgeous men alive, thanks for coming to my ted talk.
Collected: 18 Feb 18
anyways go see Chris Colfer’s TLOS the wishing spell movie when it comes out
Collected: 14 Feb 18
American girls: "I miss Chris Colfer" "I want to see him again" "I hope he comes to my city very soon" Latina girls: "DO…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
kurt singing black bird by the beatles for an actual dead bird is pretty melodramatic but i don’t even care because it’…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
chris colfer invented beauty, but we been knew
Collected: 8 Feb 18
chris colfer is so beautiful im gonna cry why does he keep hiding his face from us like this
Collected: 6 Feb 18
Chris Colfer posted this on Instagram. I'm crying ??
Collected: 6 Feb 18
#ALDUBDiMatitinag ?? @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @aldub_sherry18 @radoc_jeana @ALDUBThess16 “Th…
Collected: 31 Jan 18
Twitter isn't Twitter without Chris Colfer
Collected: 28 Jan 18
Welp, I've been running a Twitter bookdrive that's donated 5,100 copies of Chris Colfer's "The Land of Stories" book series…
Collected: 17 Jan 18
@chriscolfer I can't wait to see "Written and Directed by Chris Colfer" on the big screen soon. #TLOSMovie
Collected: 14 Jan 18
wherever he is, whether he is writing a children's book all night, snuggling with his boyfriend while watching reruns of rup…
Collected: 8 Jan 18
Chris Colfer thinks he doesn’t have a good voice. RT If you DISagree and think he was an amazing voice.
Collected: 2 Jan 18
I don't think I say this enough but I love Chris Colfer!
Collected: 1 Feb 18
Lea Michele ? Cory Monteith ? Naya Rivera ? Hearter Morris ? Mark Salling ? Darren Chris ? Dianna Agron ? Kevin McHale ? A…
Collected: 31 Jan 18
Twitter isn't twitter without chris colfer.
Collected: 26 Jan 18
wait this reply might be even more embarrassing......chris colfer got death threats for being gay but y'all choose do sy…
Collected: 22 Jan 18
it's been 34 days since we last got a photo of chris colfer
Collected: 21 Jan 18
“Are you ready to become the best Chris of all time?” Evans gulped. Pratt nodded. Hemsworth shuddered. Pine blinked ne…
Collected: 12 Jan 18
Much like the golden globes, the story of Chris Colfer meeting Helena Bonham Carter is also golden.
Collected: 7 Jan 18
Chris Colfer: *had 3 books, 2 Picture books, 2 novellas & and a treasury published since end of glee, New York Times B…
Collected: 7 Jan 18
chris colfer singing don't cry for me argentina, rt if you agree
Collected: 7 Jan 18
sarah hyland worked in chris colfer's movie struck by lightning I'M SHOOK I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS HER
Collected: 6 Jan 18
okay, chris colfer just had the best, i mean the best!!! glo up ever!!! ??
Collected: 6 Jan 18