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David Hasselhoff

Kids are callin' it Patio Cyberdust. He set a dumpster on fire behind a Shake Shack and huffed the fumes until he thought he w…
Collected: 3 Jan 18
Kids are callin' it Tragic Fist. She set a dumpster on fire behind a barber shop and huffed the fumes until she thought she wa…
Collected: 12 Jan 18
Girl we need some, girl we need some action! The totally crazy short film 'Kung Fury' is getting a feature-length seque…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
Tiger spending more time in the sand today than David Hasselhoff
Collected: 27 Jan 18
David Hasselhoff has started referring to himself as Hoff. It’s less of a hassle.
Collected: 3 Feb 18
In David Hasselhoff's divorce settlement, he retained possession of the nickname "Hoff" and the catchphrase,"Don't hassle th…
Collected: 13 Jan 18
KITT: Mmmmmmmm DAVID HASSELHOFF: (sigh) I wish you wouldn't moan when I put the gas pump in
Collected: 12 Jan 18
David Hasselhoff wants to meet hero police officer - nicknamed 'The Hoff' - who jumped into freezing cold river to save ma…
Collected: 20 Feb 18
After careful research, this is my definitive list of Davids who would do a better job than David Davis. David Platt i…
Collected: 29 Jan 18
@realDonaldTrump David Hasselhoff didn't dance on the Berlin Wall so you could build more walls, Donny!
Collected: 10 Jan 18
Because they ride David Hasselhoff. https://t.co/lZt8JZZQgK
Collected: 23 Feb 18
Michael Fassbender will star in ‘KUNG FURY’, a feature-length sequel to the viral short film. David Hasselhoff will co-…
Collected: 12 Feb 18
If you play “Looking For Freedom” by David Hasselhoff on Dezember 31 at 11:59:42 you shall find freedom from all you cares when…
Collected: 29 Dec 17
As part of David Hasselhoff's divorce settlement, he kept possession of the nickname "Hoff" and the catchphrase "Don't Hassle…
Collected: 27 Dec 17
David Hasselhoff said: “The real heroes are the ones who act on instinct without hesitation, the ones who believe that we…
Collected: 20 Feb 18
David Hasselhoff wants to meet the hero PC nicknamed ‘The Hoff’ after a heroic river rescue #policebravery #thehoff @gm…
Collected: 20 Feb 18
@dlccld1 @BMan_777 @SupremeGentile @Fuctupmind @MistaBRONCO @RealSlimSupreme @myhtopoeic @TalibKweli @MadQueenFash @VivaLaAme…
Collected: 17 Feb 18
Thank you for the "avi is not me" disclaimer in your bio. I was thinking David Hasselhoff sure isn't very popular on he…
Collected: 30 Jan 18
Story by @BryanLowry3 ... Kensinger reponded by sending Bryan a photo of a David Hasselhoff pointing his fingers https://t.…
Collected: 23 Jan 18
MARYLAND got Micheal Phelps MARYLAND got David Hasselhoff MARYLAND got the best crabs ?? MARYLAND got the best state flag…
Collected: 30 Dec 17
Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the cast of the upcoming 'KUNG FURY' sequel starring Michael Fassbender and David Hass…
Collected: 15 Feb 18
#RIP Ron Scott, PR guy for young soap opera stars David Hasselhoff (Snapper Foster), Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff Webber) a…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
Michael Fassbender joins David Hasselhoff in totally rad '80s throwback Kung Fury https://t.co/SH2tqra0cO https://t.co/otzhS…
Collected: 12 Feb 18
What would David Hasselhoff do?
Collected: 4 Feb 18
David Hasselhoff calls his agent and demands that everyone calls him Hoff from now on. The agent replies, “Sure, no hassl…
Collected: 2 Feb 18
The Hoff: why I want to bring back Knight Rider @DavidHasselhoff talks to @TheSTHome and shares his daily routine that puts…
Collected: 7 Jan 18
David Hasselhoff trying to bring back Knight Rider https://t.co/DvTaC8DR9D

David Hasselhoff: ‘I’m trying to bring back Knight Rider as a TV series’

I live in Calabasas, outside Los Angeles. I can get to the beach in 18 minutes. It’s more laid-back than the rat race of LA — I can breathe out here. Stevie Wonder lives up the hill, but I’ve never...

7 Jan 18
Everytime I read a new tweet from our president, I get a mental image of David Hasselhoff eating a burger off the floor,…
Collected: 7 Jan 18
Well, David Hasselhoff was pretty huge in Germany apparently... - Me, trying to understand the popularity of shit accounts
Collected: 5 Jan 18
#ThatIsAsUsefulAs David Hasselhoff's acting classes https://t.co/fdhJN3VezH
Collected: 5 Jan 18
Cleaning up my folders and found this edit I made of the DXMD CGI trailer set to David Hasselhoff's True Survivor. You'd thin…
Collected: 4 Jan 18
1980s glamour shot of David Hasselhoff in a bubble bath. Enjoy. https://t.co/dM5SLdSUqN
Collected: 22 Feb 18
You David hasselhoff, you wave watching https://t.co/bNq4r2Ud1M
Collected: 21 Feb 18
A great movie chemistry from Joan Collins and David Hasselhoff https://t.co/AYrH3iJobB

The Cartier Affair (1984)

Be a crime to miss this Diamond of a 1980s TV Movie Pairing... A Glittering Telly Chemistry with Joan Collins and David Hasselhoff.

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21 Feb 18
self-care is laying on the floor in the dark while listening to big time rush's entire discography and thinking about david has…
Collected: 21 Feb 18
David Hasselhoff has praised policeman Mohammed Nadeem dubbed "The Hoff" after he leapt into Bury's freezing River Irwell to…
Collected: 20 Feb 18
I'm "David Hoff was David Hasselhoff" years old
Collected: 13 Feb 18
The older I get the more I can relate to David Hasselhoff's drunken cheeseburger breakdown.
Collected: 12 Feb 18
i literally cannot believe spongebob and patrick were about to miss the deadline and king neptune was about to burn mr krab…
Collected: 6 Feb 18
This week in #Stargazing: Simon Cowell and David Hasselhoff lose their shirts, Aaron Carter needs a colour, Shakira needs…
Collected: 29 Jan 18
From January 1992 it's Look-In! Robin Hood! David Hasselhoff! Trev and Simon! Bill and Ted! Truckers! Look Out!?? https://t.co/…
Collected: 20 Jan 18
MORE galloping lunacy today. It'll be hourly next. Have never known a dumber hypocrite & liar or public figure more ludic…
Collected: 11 Jan 18
David Hasselhoff is your Thunder Buddy #AccommodationsInHell
Collected: 9 Jan 18
Arguably the most important concert of David Hasselhoff’s career https://t.co/NvNJXZfDqy
Collected: 7 Jan 18
In Pyeongchang, there's a guy who has an action figure of Michael Knight -- yes, the guy played by David Hasselhoff who dr…
Collected: 24 Feb 18