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@complexhustle: Words of wisdom from actor Idris Elba on why you shouldn't be afraid to fail.
@StephenKing: If you’re planning to see Idris Elba as Roland, finish it.
@POCCinema: John Boyega will play Jake Pentecost. Jake is the son of Stacker Pentecost, played by Idris Elba. #PacificRimUprising https:…
@CybersmileHQ: Idris Elba on the importance of #diversity ???? @idriselba
@thatsafakelaugh: idris elba is the perfect fancast. idris elba as james bond. as batman. as luke skywalker. black widow. the entire add…
@60smccartney: Idris Elba - should be James Bond - snap me like a twig - dresses well
If you’re planning to see Idris Elba as Roland, finish it.
Collected: 22 Jun 17
On set with Idris Elba & Aml Ameen filming Yardie, man life is a dream right now. ??????
Collected: 11 Jun 17
dont miss Idris Elba: Fighter on Discovery during the upcoming open window from May 29- June 23. #DSTVOpenWindow https:…
Collected: 27 May 17
Venn diagram overlap of people who can't see why a man playing a trans woman is obnoxious and people who "just can't see" Idr…
Collected: 15 Jun 17
God bless #TheWire for giving us Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan and Michael K. Williams in one show. Happy 15th anniversary!…
Collected: 2 Jun 17
I will be watching the Black Panther movie. Chad Boseman is a beautiful man. I have served Idris Elba our divorce pape…
Collected: 10 Jun 17
Yeah, #StarTrekBeyond hide Idris Elba's face behind 4 hours of makeup and chase away the easy money you woulda made https…
Collected: 9 Jun 17
Seth Rogen IS FRUIT BRUTE Steve Buscemi IS BOO BERRY Idris Elba IS FRANKENBERRY Glenn Close IS FRUITY YUMMY MUMMY Ben Mendelsohn…
Collected: 7 Jun 17
Words of wisdom from actor Idris Elba on why you shouldn't be afraid to fail.
Collected: 24 Jun 17
#Youknowitsoverwhen Idris Elba becomes her Secretary ????????
Collected: 24 Jun 17
Idris Elba fine for no reason smh
Collected: 4 Jun 17
'The Mountain Between Us' movie may put the Oscars in Idris Elba hands via
Collected: 31 May 17
EXCLUSIVE photos: See Idris Elba and Kate Winslet stranded in the wild in #TheMountainBetweenUs.
Collected: 30 May 17
I got to London just 10 days ago and since then I've met and worked with Idris Elba and modelled for 3 brands. All without bein…
Collected: 27 May 17
John Boyega will play Jake Pentecost. Jake is the son of Stacker Pentecost, played by Idris Elba. #PacificRimUprising https:…
Collected: 24 Jun 17
my company said if I get five hundred retweets that we can rename our load balancer Idris ELBa
Collected: 13 Jun 17
Idris Elba can't be James Bond but Christian Bale can be Moses?
Collected: 5 Jun 17
A Busy Year for Idris Elba - 4 High Profile Films, Including 'Dark Tower' (Watch 3 New Promos) h…
Collected: 5 Jun 17
God spent time making Idris Elba.
Collected: 29 May 17
A Twitter user has cast @michaelb4jordan and @idriselba in a fictitious espionage film that sounds pretty dope: https://…
Collected: 28 May 17
Poor, fragile boys... So, who else would pay to see Daisy Ridley as James Bond, and Idris Elba w/a major role in the next S…
Collected: 27 May 17
Why insist on a "new" Idris Elba when the "old" one is still fyne as hell?
Collected: 22 Jun 17
Reminder that this person think that he is genetically superior to, let's say, Idris Elba.
Collected: 21 Jun 17
@IsobelMBarker @Hylas1962 @PamelaSBall @alexs_journey He is named after Idris Elba @idriselba was born in the UK of Afr…
Collected: 19 Jun 17
Since we're talking Black Superheroes, Idris Elba for green Lantern
Collected: 18 Jun 17
Who's excited?! #Luther
Collected: 14 Jun 17
Buddy, so do I every time I see Idris Elba
Collected: 4 Jun 17
Idris Elba and Kate Winslet are stranded survivors in 'The Mountain Between Us' trailer. Watch: ht…
Collected: 4 Jun 17
Idris Elba on the importance of #diversity ???? @idriselba
Collected: 24 Jun 17
Beyoncé threw a bitch thru the ceiling for Idris Elba, but was daydreaming when Jay-Z was getting that ass kicked
Collected: 24 Jun 17
#NotAllManMovies (I'm willing to watch movies starring Idris Elba or Oscar Isaac, or that objectify various Chrises) https://t.…
Collected: 21 Jun 17
"Not since Idris Elba has Hollywood fallen in love with a chocolate brotha of this magnitude." ?? Who wrote this? ???? https:…
Collected: 21 Jun 17
From 2012 ---> Idris Elba Will Play Imhotep & Brilliant Astronomer In New TV Miniseries “Ascension” – IndieWire https:…
Collected: 19 Jun 17
In case you're not having a good day, just see this photos of Idris Elba smiling. You're welcome.
Collected: 18 Jun 17
First poster for Palestinian #Oscar-nominated director Hani Abu Assad's THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US starring Kate Winslet and Id…
Collected: 16 Jun 17
Her: I dont like you wearing Tank Tops and Wifebeaters Me: "I bet you like Idris Elba and Training Day Denzel in them"…
Collected: 12 Jun 17
George Clooney Blasts Oscars for Ignoring Idris Elba, Creed and Ava Duvernay #GeorgeClooney #georgeclo…

George and Amal Clooney welcome birth of twins, Ella and Alexander | George Clooney

George Clooney Ella, Alexander and Amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine. George and Amal Clooney have welcomed twins Ella and Alexander Clooney. In these super early stages, though, the Clooneys...

7 Jun 17
Make Idris Elba a doctor with perfect survival skills and watch ovaries explode. Who's the genius behind this? https://t.c
Collected: 4 Jun 17
Trailer Premiere: Idris Elba & Kate Winslet Fight to Stay Alive in 'The Mountain Between Us' htt…
Collected: 4 Jun 17