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Lindsay Lohan

@SirRatchettness: Now we not gonna act like QUEEN Lindsay Lohan didn't invent the dance break. Sis had the entire stadium on SHOOK. http…
Lindsay Lohan's contour on her mugshot was everything
Collected: 1 Aug 17
23 Deleted Lindsay Lohan Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum..
Collected: 28 Jul 17
Lindsay Lohan really did this at age 18! 'Rumors' truly is a masterpiece and a fucking bop
Collected: 11 Aug 17
Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff fighting over Aaron Carter while he was sucking dick on the side is the biggest plot twist ever
Collected: 6 Aug 17
lindsay lohan by terry richardson, 2006
Collected: 23 Aug 17
Please play Rumors by Lindsay Lohan and Piece of Me by Britney Spears at my funeral
Collected: 5 Aug 17
Lindsay Lohan attempts to pick herself up after falling at 2014 Ischia Film Festival// 'The Awakening Conscience' (deta…
Collected: 22 Aug 17
When Lindsay Lohan said "i'm an angel compared to some of my friends" I really fucking felt that
Collected: 10 Aug 17
On this day in 2007 Lindsay Lohan was charged with drunken driving and cocaine possession. Her very first mugshot was born:…
Collected: 24 Jul 17
How come we're in the reboot era but Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan haven't called Disney yet to talk about Freaky…
Collected: 10 Aug 17
Lindsay Lohan Took A Topless Photo And She Is Phenomenal

Lindsay Lohan Took A Topless Photo And She Is Phenomenal

Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful actress. I remember seeing her in The Parent Trap when she was just a kid. In 2004, she once again garnered much attention thanks to Mean Girls. But in 2007, she was caught driving while intoxicated and she had to go to rehab several times.It hasn't always been a great time for Lindsay Lohan, but it seems that she's back on track to fully appreciating herself. Read on!

27 Jul 17
[lindsay lohan's voice] your hair looks sexy pushed back
Collected: 26 Jul 17
Lindsay Lohan in Vetements.
Collected: 16 Aug 17
41. Take Me Away - Lindsay Lohan and the cast of Freaky Friday. DON'T WANNA GROW UP I WANNA GET OUT HEY, TAKE ME AWAY.…
Collected: 10 Aug 17
My aesthetic: Lindsay Lohan with framed photos of herself in her home
Collected: 27 Jul 17
After years of support, I am saddened to announce that I am retiring as Lindsay Lohan's last stan. I wish her luck in her…
Collected: 25 Jul 17
Lindsay Lohan in black looks
Collected: 14 Aug 17
Lindsay Lohan for MUI MUI is still the best campaign ever.
Collected: 7 Aug 17