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Catherine Zeta-Jones

@emilybluntz: catherine zeta-jones in a suit PHEW
@Mike_Press19: Michael Douglas go for Catherine Zeta-Jones: “Everyone who hater Trump and loves Obama is Traitor and Racist, I love… htt…
Catherine Zeta Jones and Anne Hathaway is Liza Soberano. #BAGANIBihag
Collected: 23 Apr 18
catherine zeta-jones in a suit PHEW
Collected: 27 May 18
This wording makes it seem like Catherine Zeta Jones has been planning a wildly elaborate heist since the day Entrapment p…
Collected: 30 Apr 18
?? “This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am on of them. There is no need to suffer silently and there is n…
Collected: 13 Apr 18
Y'all make fun of Suzy old sofa but it's quite costly and used by many rich and famous including Kieunse and Catherine Zeta J…
Collected: 19 May 18
#QueenAmerica will debut on Facebook's nine-month-old video platform Watch as part of the tech giant's effort to bring premium pro…
Collected: 4 May 18
Collected: 19 Apr 18
Carys Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones attend the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda Fashion Show at The Metropolitan Opera, New Yor…
Collected: 9 Apr 18
Sir Harry Secombe. Neville from the Call Centre. Catherine Zeta Jones. Bonnie Tyler. @SwanseaMarriott. Your boys took (on…
Collected: 8 May 18
Woohooooo!!!!! So proud of my @MoppyOpps and can not wait to see this you talented beautiful thing! ????#queenamerica https:…
Collected: 3 May 18
Mood: Catherine Zeta Jones’s permanent smirk in Chicago
Collected: 28 Apr 18
Where were you when you found out Catherine Zeta Jones wasn’t Latina?
Collected: 22 May 18
DVD Review: #CatherineZetaJones Lights Up The Screen In “Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story”
Collected: 18 May 18
#thelullabyproject is sweeping the internet with Joyce DiDonato, Fiona Apple, Patti LuPone, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Natali…
Collected: 25 Apr 18
Michael Douglas go for Catherine Zeta-Jones: “Everyone who hater Trump and loves Obama is Traitor and Racist, I love.. ht…
Collected: 15 Apr 18
That MBC 2 woman be like " catherine zeta-jones wa Anthony hopkins wa Antonio Banderas.. al yaumul alsabt, as saba'a.. ZORRO…
Collected: 2 Apr 18
@scott_tobias @alisonwillmore hear me out: OCEAN’S NINE (2020) dir. Soderbergh written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge with Th…
Collected: 23 May 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones clearly has a thing for handbags.
Collected: 22 May 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones “relished” playing drug lord Griselda Blanco in @lifetimetv's #CocaineGodmother #DeadlineContenders http…
Collected: 16 Apr 18
Isaac Newton Winston Churchill Frank Sinatra Ted Turner Ludwig Van Beethoven Catherine Zeta Jones Bipolar disorder has a…
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My good friend Catherine Zeta-Jones is back at QVC tonight. Make sure to tune in at 10pm to get her latest items befor…
Collected: 29 Mar 18
After watching Ocean’s 12, i realized @lizasoberano is like a young catherine zeta-jones.
Collected: 22 Apr 18
[email protected] @DrRyanX @Wetgirlslive Catherine Zeta Jones at Cocaine Godmother Presentation, Los Angeles (15 April, 2018) ?? http…
Collected: 18 Apr 18
Simply stunning! Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter Carys wow at a fashion show in NYC.…
Collected: 11 Apr 18
If you ask a cop what their favorite Catherine Zeta-Jones movie is they have to tell you or it's Entrapment
Collected: 21 May 18
“When roles that don’t necessarily come your way, you get insecure,” Catherine Zeta-Jones shared.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Says ‘Cocaine Godmother’ Role ‘Gave Me My Mojo Back’

Despite acclaimed performances in films such as movie musical “Chicago” and thriller “Traffic,” Catherine Zeta-Jones said before she landed the lead role in Lifetime’s “Cocaine Godmother: The Grise…

8 May 18
The fabulous Catherine Zeta-Jones is joining the #PRAllStars judges for tonight’s finale ??.
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he and Vin Diesel refused to film scenes together on the last Fast and the Furious mov…
Collected: 5 Apr 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones is hawking bath towels on QVC?
Collected: 29 Mar 18
Cynthia Nixon, Margaret Atwood, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and more celebrated activism and free speech at the PEN Literary G…
Collected: 24 May 18
Tulsan Meaghan Oppenheimer @MoppyOpps creates new show set in Tulsa, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

Tulsan Meaghan Oppenheimer creates new show set in Tulsa, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

The Holland Hall graduate will also be an executive producer of "Queen America," a dark comedy set in the pageant world of Tulsa.
Tulsan Meaghan Oppenheimer creates new show set in Tulsa, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones

Tulsa World
21 May 18
well that's because this is clearly catherine zeta jones!
Collected: 4 May 18
sweetgreen cashier: would you like brea- me: have you seen Catherine Zeta-Jones’ IMDb headshot? Who took it? I think it’s…
Collected: 2 May 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones has paid tribute to late Amadeus director Milos Forman, who has died at the age of 86: 'A true grea…
Collected: 15 Apr 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones featured in a print ad for @ElizabethArden's "5th Avenue After Five" fragrance, in 2005. *.* *.*…
Collected: 7 Apr 18
????????ALERT?????????? CATHERINE ZETA JONES IS ON QVC. I repeat: Catherine Zeta Jones is on QVFREAKINGC. Selling fake flowers.…
Collected: 29 Mar 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones had the perfect clutch tor a night out.
Collected: 26 May 18
This is a fucking lie. You seent Angela Basset? Sigorney Weaver? Catherine Zeta Jones? Madhuri Dixit? Sri Devi (RIP)?…
Collected: 15 May 18
Facebook Adds Catherine Zeta-Jones Comedy to Its Watch Lineup
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I wrote the pilot script for this almost 2 years ago - so excited to finallyyyyyyyy be making the series with this amazing t…
Collected: 3 May 18
He had Catherine zeta Jones, I have no one. .. But it's okay it's the REAL SHOW
Collected: 23 Apr 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Her Daughter Are Seriously Twinning
Collected: 9 Apr 18
Catherine Zeta-Jones attends event in New York with lookalike teenage daughter…
Collected: 9 Apr 18
catherine zeta-jones kissing a woman, oil on canvas (2018)
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Sometimes with a finale guest judge you can kind of tell which designer they will lean to but with Catherine Zeta Jones I jus…
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is a brain disorder characterised by unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity…
Collected: 30 Mar 18
And I am really praying that neither Catherine Zeta Jones nor Scarlett Johansson try to audition for the part of La Malinc…
Collected: 28 Mar 18