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@queennn94: Bruh not only are little kids shook by Kristen Stewart in the new Chanel campaign, but now we got cats. Queen can seriously…
@RachelLeishman: Chanel knows what the fuck we're all about. They have Kristen Stewart running to Beyonce.
@StenFate: Kristen Stewart revealing what Joan Jett is REALLY like in person! #HappyBirthdayJoanJett
@realDonaldTrump: Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. B…
@Mel452: Happy birthday @joanjett !! ?????? [Kristen Stewart on Joan...??]
@karahaupt: Kristen Stewart reading Lidia Yuknavitch feels right
@santi_booboo: I honestly believe Kristen Stewart did a double take on me after we wrapped the Chanel shoot.
@losfelizlesbian: If Kristen Stewart is reading books then I'm reading books !!!!!! ????
@StenFate: Kristen Stewart on meeting Joan Jett and becoming friends with her #HappyBirthdayJoanJett
@MoviesTVAzCA: New Releases in Art House & International #3: Personal Shopper [Blu-ray] (Bilingual) ~ Kristen Stewart
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Collected: 13 Sep 17
Paris Jackson speaking 4 #TheResistance #VMAs Is it just me or does she kinda look like Madonna, Kristen Stewart & Courtney…
Collected: 27 Aug 17
Bruh not only are little kids shook by Kristen Stewart in the new Chanel campaign, but now we got cats. Queen can seriously…
Collected: 23 Sep 17
I need Louis to hang out with Kristen Stewart. She's like a female version of him
Collected: 8 Sep 17
Nicholas Hoult & Kristen Stewart at #RebelintheRye NYC Premiere
Collected: 7 Sep 17
A rebellious spirit, Kristen Stewart is the face of the new women’s fragrance GABRIELLE CHANEL, inspired by the founder of the…
Collected: 1 Sep 17
Reasons to love Kristen Stewart:
Collected: 31 Aug 17
friendship goals: riley keough, zoe kravitz, and kristen stewart ??????
Collected: 30 Aug 17
"I have so much faith in ppl bcs I know how complicated life is, which is why I'm never hard on anyone. I don't judge" -Kris…
Collected: 24 Aug 17
"My looks on Kristen Stewart are my prouder moments...We push in a way that I don't think is typical for red carpet look…
Collected: 20 Sep 17
Phew, just watched Personal Shopper & dove into a rabbit hole of theories ?? Kristen Stewart acts opposite an iPhone hal…
Collected: 18 Sep 17
"Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again! He can do much…
Collected: 15 Sep 17
kristen stewart forever the biggest twilight fan and bella swan defender and i appreciate her so much ??????
Collected: 14 Sep 17
Best Actress of 2017 (so far) - Top 15 Performances #2 KRISTEN STEWART, "Personal Shopper"-absolutely mesmerizing—a sens…
Collected: 13 Sep 17
Awards season releases haven't hit & there's been incredible performances from women so far. Kristen Stewart in PERSONAL…
Collected: 13 Sep 17
“That is the most satisfying thing I have ever done." Kristen Stewart on making her directorial debut, and more: https://t.c
Collected: 4 Sep 17
Ok Kristen Stewart in the new Chanel advert is ICONIC ????
Collected: 2 Sep 17
Writer/Director Kristen Stewart at the #ComeSwim screening at MoMA ?
Collected: 31 Aug 17
my ass and my future children's asses all belong to kristen stewart
Collected: 28 Aug 17
kristen stewart wants me dead
Collected: 26 Aug 17
Q&A w/ Kristen Stewart at the 7:30pm show of THE 2017 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SHORT FILM TOUR on 8/25 @ahryafinearts! https://t…
Collected: 23 Aug 17
Kristen Stewart - Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld
Collected: 20 Sep 17
Kristen Stewart - Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg
Collected: 20 Sep 17
I thought this was Kristen Stewart.
Collected: 18 Sep 17
Kristen Stewart's smile, a blessing
Collected: 16 Sep 17
Channeling the house's iconic founder, Kristen Stewart talks fronting @CHANEL's new fragrance campaign.
Collected: 11 Sep 17
Watch Kristen Stewart in the new #Chanel ad. Directed by Ringan Ledwidge at @RattlingStick & sound by @Azzbattle https://t…
Collected: 5 Sep 17
kristen stewart is a goddess from up above
Collected: 1 Sep 17
This subtle but striking eyeshadow trick is proof enough that Kristen Stewart knows beauty.
Collected: 31 Aug 17
"Don't be an asshole. Don't be mean. Don't take shit. Don't settle." -Kristen Stewart.
Collected: 25 Aug 17
"I'd love to be 23 y/o forever but I‘m 27. But getting old doesn't worry me, I want to try a lot of things.” https://t.…
Collected: 24 Aug 17
"Interviewer: But you dance like an expert in the campaign" yessss we can expect some moves in the film ???????????????? https://t.c
Collected: 24 Aug 17
Kristen Stewart revealing what Joan Jett is REALLY like in person! #HappyBirthdayJoanJett
Collected: 22 Sep 17
Billie Lourd com o namorado, Emma Roberts e Kristen Stewart ontem depois do show do Harry Styles!
Collected: 22 Sep 17
kristen stewart as beth in certain women is my forever mood
Collected: 20 Sep 17
"Anyone who ever said that Kristen Stewart is a bad actress should watch [Personal Shopper] and kindly shut the fuck up." M…
Collected: 20 Sep 17
Kristen Stewart at the Toronto International Film Festival press conference
Collected: 20 Sep 17
"My looks on Kristen Stewart are my prouder moments." - Beau Nelson
Collected: 20 Sep 17
@Criterion The whole movie is so great, but the Kristen Stewart/Lily Gladstone section is one of the best things I've se…
Collected: 20 Sep 17
Today at @slashfilm, I have your physical media round-up featuring #WonderWoman, Kristen Stewart, Spielberg & more! ht…
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huge kristen stewart chanel gabrielle ad in the subway station in hong kong!!! #chanel #chanelgabrielle #kristenstewart https:/…
Collected: 19 Sep 17
just dropping in to say—this generation's true Hollywood screen couple is Kristen Stewart / Jesse Eisenberg, not Emma Stone /…
Collected: 19 Sep 17