Quvenzhane Wallis
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Quvenzhane Wallis

Just an Oscar reminder that nobody in Hollywood seemed to have an issue figuring out “Timothée Chalamet” but spent weeks m…
Collected: 4 Mar 18
To kick off Women's month in March, I wanted to give a shout out to my Saving Our Daughters family and inspiring girls through lit…
Collected: 1 Mar 18
I heard Quvenzhané Wallis has ghost written the past six Star Wars films you shouldn’t criticize Lucasfilm if you don’t know the w…
Collected: 7 Feb 18
I wrote this a few years ago, on the significance of Quvenzhané Wallis playing the lead in Annie, and the argument is s…
Collected: 9 Mar 18
i don’t think anyone in the world accessorizes as well as quvenzhané wallis https://t.co/rOgES79nHJ
Collected: 7 Mar 18
If I find out that Quvenzhane Wallis did not watch all five Best Foreign Language Film nominees before voting, I am goin…
Collected: 27 Feb 18
quvenzhane wallis got nominated for an Oscar at 9 years old..... we honestly don’t care https://t.co/sr2bw13oHv
Collected: 8 Mar 18