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@LicMacoco: Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen on the set of Lord of the Rings, 2001. #HistoricalPics
David Cronenberg directs Viggo Mortensen (as Sigmund Freud) on the set of A Dangerous Method (2011). #BTS #BOTD https:/…
Collected: 14 Mar 18
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Putting in your elf eyes. Photo by Viggo Mortensen. @orlandobloom

Putting in your elf eyes. Photo by Viggo Mortensen. @orlandobloom

Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen on the set of Lord of the Rings, 2001. #HistoricalPics
Collected: 24 Apr 18
Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg on the set of "Eastern Promises".
Collected: 15 Mar 18
Hollywood Creatures Horrified by Trump Admin Withholding $65 Million From Palestinian Terrorist Aid....More than 2 dozen Hol…
Collected: 31 Jan 18
Beloved relative Chief Mel Lone Hill passed away last night. I had asked Mel to train Viggo Mortensen in #Lakota horseman…
Collected: 21 Feb 18
The Twelfth Glenn Gould Prize Jury was announced today with Viggo Mortensen as chair. See more on the @glenngouldfndn websi…
Collected: 21 Feb 18
The #12thGlennGouldPrize Laureate will be announced in Toronto on April 13th. Join the @GlennGouldFndn and International Ju…
Collected: 11 Apr 18
Hugh Grant, Viggo Mortensen among celebrities, others denouncing Trump's cut of funds to UN Palestinian refugee agency: ht…
Collected: 25 Jan 18
If you never saw The Road (Cormac McCarthy, John Hillcoat, Viggo Mortensen) now might be a good time to watch it. It won't b…
Collected: 14 Apr 18
Love Viggo Mortensen in A History Of Violence, particularly in this shot where he seems genuinely shocked at his talent…
Collected: 10 Feb 18
Due to personal reasons, I won't be able to join Viggo Mortensen and our friends at The Glenn Gould Foundation for the 12th…
Collected: 10 Apr 18
"Life is short and the older you get, the more you feel it. Indeed, the shorter it is. People lose their capacity to wa…
Collected: 5 Apr 18
Mads Mikkelsen standing next to Viggo Mortensen to prove they aren't the same person
Collected: 26 Mar 18
The Twelfth Glenn Gould Prize Jury has been announced! Viggo Mortensen will chair an international jury including @thek…
Collected: 21 Feb 18
My Dream cast for #DUNE. Paul: Ezra Miller Duke Leto: Viggo Mortensen Jessica: Amy adams Chani: Gal Gadot
Collected: 6 Apr 18
In one of the more underrated contemporary Angel films, Viggo Mortensen plays a deliciously wicked Lucifer - 'The Prop…
Collected: 20 Feb 18
viggo mortensen as aragorn is just the most inspired casting... like his masculine but empathetic, self assured but troub…
Collected: 3 Feb 18
Actors Hugh Grant and Viggo Mortensen are among more than 25 celebrities and public figures expressing "horror" over Pres…
Collected: 25 Jan 18
Good Wednesday morning indeed! Today on @BTtoronto Viggo Mortensen @ViggoArt returns! @TheMollyParker on her new series “…
Collected: 11 Apr 18
Viggo Mortensen had no right to look this good in Eastern Promises.
Collected: 22 Feb 18
I mean I for one hope and pray that Viggo Mortensen and Peter Jackson work together again. #Mackson
Collected: 29 Jan 18
Here's Viggo Mortensen Speaking Seven Different Languages
Collected: 28 Jan 18
Viggo Mortensen on His First Movie Role #acting #actors #viggomortensen
Collected: 22 Apr 18
anyone other than viggo mortensen playing aragorn son of arathorn: me:
Collected: 6 Apr 18
ladies make some noise for 2018’s best actor, Viggo Mortensen, reclaiming the award he lost last year
Collected: 5 Mar 18
The Twelfth Glenn Gould Prize Jury was announced with Viggo Mortensen as chair! See more on the @glenngouldfndn websit…
Collected: 23 Feb 18
Actors Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Viggo Mortensen & more: “The real target of this lethal attack is the Palestinian pe…
Collected: 26 Jan 18
@Dimforestfires Viggo Mortensen & Albert Camus : “The Human Crisis” Saura

Albert Camus's “The Human Crisis” read by Viggo Mortensen, 70 years later

00:20 Introduction by Shanny Peer, Director of the Maison Française 05:35 Introduction by Alice Kaplan, Professor of Yale University 11:50 Reading of 'The Hu...
Albert Camus's “The Human Crisis” read by Viggo Mortensen, 70 years later

25 Jan 18
thinking about how viggo mortensen's anti-iraq invasion t-shirt on charlie rose during the LOTR press run…
Collected: 24 Jan 18
“Be kind. It's worthwhile to make an effort to learn about other people and figure out what you might have in common with…
Collected: 16 Apr 18
(2/2) The day long winnowing process became increasingly challenging as we got down to a handful of finalists, but we w…
Collected: 13 Apr 18
Viggo Mortensen or Djimon Hounsou as Doctor Fate/Kent Nelson
Collected: 11 Apr 18
BEAUNE, FRANCE - APRIL 06: Viggo Mortensen (L) and David Cronenberg attends 'Tribute to David Cronenberg' during 10th Beaun…
Collected: 6 Apr 18
Viggo Mortensen, a huge Montreal Canadiens fan, wore one of their T-shirts under his armor while working on the "Lord…
Collected: 12 Mar 18
20] Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay ,Kirk Ross, Samantha Isler ? - Sweet Child O' Mine
Collected: 6 Mar 18
A literature professor in 1930s Germany is forced to examine his actions – Viggo Mortensen stars in Good, on @BBCiPlayer now:…
Collected: 1 Mar 18
Viggo Mortensen in the Lord of the Rings is my jam
Collected: 22 Feb 18
Read about Hatuey & then watch Viggo Mortensen read Bartolome de Las Casas, “The Devastation of the Indies: A Brief Acc…
Collected: 4 Feb 18
Anyone need a hero? xx Viggo Mortensen who plays Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings #bookworm #booklover #heroic #amreading h…
Collected: 29 Jan 18
Actors and actresses Olivia Wilde, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Viggo Mortensen are among more than 25 celebrities and public…
Collected: 27 Jan 18
The world needs more Viggo Mortensen in it
Collected: 7 Apr 18
Behind the Scenes Thursday! Viggo Mortensen's equine co-star had an itch in between takes of the movie Lord of the Ring…
Collected: 30 Mar 18
Award Winning Actress MARY-COLIN CHISHOLM is my guest this week on #SeaAndBeSceneAndHeard We talk about her new play no…
Collected: 20 Mar 18
Not to say that there aren't an infinite amount of cool facts about Viggo Mortensen, because there are
Collected: 20 Mar 18
I wish I had Viggo Mortensen’s bone structure.
Collected: 20 Mar 18