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Delia Smith

It's #NationalYorkshirePuddingDay! Perfect with roast #beef (up to 50% of UK beef comes from #dairy cattle), what better wa…
Collected: 4 Feb 18
The #RollingStones released 8th studio album “Let It Bleed” 48 years ago today, 5th Dec 1969. Their last album with Bri…
Collected: 5 Dec 17
Ed Balls, Delia Smith, Michael Wynn-Jones, Tom Smith #ncfc
Collected: 23 Dec 17
@Mye_Pixie @ALDubFTnQT @fthotladies @Arwen_Elfin @prettymai_0105 @wengcookie @Salvesayson @ricsl1600 @montenegro_emil @ALDu…
Collected: 6 Feb 18
When you rebranded nearly a year ago but people still see you as "danisnotonfire llamas placenta delia smith rawr subscribe…
Collected: 17 Dec 17
Everton will be 0-2 up at HT. Amanda Staveley will then march onto the pitch with a microphone in hand, Delia Smith style,…
Collected: 13 Dec 17
If you can't get a KFC, here are five of the best fried chicken recipes
Collected: 20 Feb 18
HT: Norwich City 0-0 Ipswich Town Not much to report here. Let's just remind ourselves of this Delia Smith cracker from 2005…
Collected: 18 Feb 18
This coming from the club who had a drunken Delia Smith shouting shit down a microphone at half time
Collected: 1 Dec 17
There’s one common denominator in all this, Delia Smith! @NorwichCityFC #ncfc #SmithOUT
Collected: 22 Dec 17
Delia Smith joins campaign to reduce loneliness at Christmas
Collected: 22 Dec 17
I will never tire of drunk football hooligan Delia Smith ??
Collected: 17 Jan 18
@ALDubFTnQT @fthotladies @boojieflkrsn @prettymai_0105 @wengcookie @ricsl1600 @montenegro_emil @iam_ginghs @Arwen_Elfin @boo…
Collected: 1 Jan 18
Norwich woman who slept rough and a city refugee lift the lid of loneliness with @edballs and Delia Smith as part of @g…
Collected: 24 Dec 17
With thanks to Delia Smith, Johnny Giles, Tommy Doc, Ron Harris, Bertie Ahern,Brian Flynn, Tom Watt - here’s why https:…
Collected: 2 Dec 17
I'll accept £50 million & a signed Delia Smith cook book. #dealornodeal
Collected: 17 Jan 18