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@indiewire: "The biggest influence on my own work was that Marvel actually killed people" George RR Martin http:/…

George R.R. Martin Talks Comic Books, Taxes and Hating 'Game Of Thrones' Interviews

The revered fantasy novelist sat down with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Pen Densham at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival for a Master Conversation on comic bo

21 Oct 14
@NerdistDotCom: Did @UpToMyKnees write the Super Mario equivalent of a George RR Martin book when he was 18? Apparently. -…
Collected: 1 Mar 14
If George RR Martin wrote The Lion King
Collected: 2 Oct 14
Twitter / GoT_Tyrion: On this day in 1996, George ...

On this day in 1996, George RR Martin first published @GameOfThrones

On this day in 1996, George RR Martin first published @GameOfThrones

Fact: George RR Martin kills more people every year than Sharks... @SharkWeek
Collected: 11 Aug 14
The cover A GAME OF THRONES might have been issued, if George RR Martin were a woman. By @esheepcomix
Collected: 11 Mar 14
George RR Martin still has the best reply (& this is also evidence question still asked).
Collected: 28 Feb 14
Did you know that George RR Martin added those extra Rs into his name to make himself look cooler? His real name is Ge…
Collected: 4 Sep 14
George RR Martin wrote this soccer game
Collected: 23 Jun 14
When George RR Martin first wrote Game of Thrones, it wasn't going to have dragons. Thank the seven for Phyllis. http://t.c
Collected: 20 Jun 14
George RR Martin wrote tonights episode of Game of Thrones
Collected: 13 Apr 14
Dear George RR Martin, Please kill off Ebola. Sincerely, Everyone.
Collected: 2 Oct 14
Twitter / GoT_Tyrion: George RR Martin is amazing ...

George RR Martin is amazing #books

George RR Martin is amazing #books

"Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you." –George RR Martin
Collected: 18 Aug 14
Good guy George RR Martin...
Collected: 29 Mar 14
Um livro a menos! George R.R. Martin termina de escrever The World of Ice and Fire
Collected: 9 Mar 14
Game of Thrones is not on Netflix because HBO feels about Netflix the same way that George RR Martin feels about the Starks
Collected: 4 Sep 14
Twitter / GoT_Tyrion: Raise your hand if you've ever ...

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by George RR Martin ??

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by George RR Martin ??

Dear George RR Martin, Do not attend my wedding. Consider yourself unwelcome. The King
Collected: 11 Apr 14
George R.R. Martin promised murders aplenty in his upcoming installment of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' saga:
Collected: 22 Aug 14
Twitter / GoT_Tyrion: When George RR Martin photobombs ...

When George RR Martin photobombs you...

When George RR Martin photobombs you...

Bad News: Lawmakers linked to pork barrel scam to appear on Maalaala Mo Kaya. Good News: The episode will be written b…
Collected: 18 Apr 14
Adriano Galliani has become the football version of George RR Martin. He just kills off (sells) one of your favourite gu…
Collected: 21 Aug 14
Tomorrow's @indymagazine cover star... George RR Martin and a Game of Thrones legion
Collected: 8 Aug 14
"The finest British SF writer of his generation" says George RR Martin. RT by 6pm 30/4/14 for a chance to win: http://t.c
Collected: 30 Apr 14
I can't imagine the amount of crumbs in George RR Martin's keyboard.
Collected: 13 Apr 14
George RR Martin releases new chapter of The Winds of Winter
Collected: 27 Mar 14
Who's going to Comic-Con 2014? Hint: This guy is making his debut

Comic-Con 2014: Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch and Game of Thrones' George RR Martin set to attend

Comic-Con kicks off this week as some 150,000 fans gather for the sold-out pop culture event at the San Diego Convention Center.

The Independent
28 Jul 14
You'll never believe what George R.R. Martin almost left out of "Game of Thrones"
Collected: 24 Apr 14
Want a free classroom poster? #JustBecause #Reading #LitChat #Literacy
Collected: 8 Apr 14
George R.R. Martin on the art and craft of writing: 9 tips for writers.
Collected: 27 Apr 14
George R. R. Martin has released "Mercy," a new chapter from THE WINDS OF WINTER!
Collected: 26 Mar 14
#GameOfThrones author has a plan to outrace the show. Simply put? Write faster.
Collected: 18 Mar 14
I live every day as if it's my last because life is a precarious thing and you never know when George RR Martin will decide to…
Collected: 25 Jun 14
At 7:40am, Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin discusses the changing attitude of television towards fantasy http://t.c
Collected: 7 Apr 14
George RR Martin’s Santa Fe Theater is hosting a VERONICA MARS screening tomorrow night! Beyond thrilled.
Collected: 5 Apr 14
George R.R. Martin releases chapter from next 'Game of Thrones' book
Collected: 28 Mar 14
New evidence suggests George R.R. Martin accidentally inspired the creation of Chewbacca:…

Did Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Have a Hand in Creating Chewbacca? - IGN

New evidence has surfaced suggesting an illustration done for one of Martin's short stories served as the basis for Chewbacca's concept art.

28 Aug 14
Peter Jackson hires George RR Martin for Hobbit 3 rewrite, "no characters died in the first 2 films, we knew the third …
Collected: 23 Jul 14
#thingsthatwillhappenbeforelukakupressconference George RR Martin will finish the Game of Thrones series...
Collected: 30 Jul 14
Game of Thrones author George RR Martin: No longer a perception that fantasy is for children http://…
Collected: 7 Apr 14
Also, have you met George RR Martin?
Collected: 6 Mar 14
8 tips for creating great stories from George R.R. Martin, Junot Diaz, and other storytellers: htt…

8 Tips For Creating Great Stories From George R.R. Martin, Junot Diaz, And Other Top Storytellers

Jeff Vandermeer's Wonderbook: The Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction is jammed with storytelling wisdom from some of world's top fantasy writers...

28 Jul 14
You’ve got to think that George RR Martin goes to sleep reciting his own kill list. #GameofThrones
Collected: 24 Jun 14
Game of Thrones author George RR Martin has released an extract from his new book
Collected: 19 Apr 14