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One of my favourite wrestling photos ever, Adrian Street returns to his father's coal mine in Wales a decade or so after lea…
Collected: 12 Feb 18
We'll be on @BBCBreakfast this morning with @highamnews discussing our #SchoolPrints project with @HepworthGallery's N…
Collected: 20 Jan 18
A new exhibition explores the political power of the t-shirt, with designs by Katharine Hamnett, Vivienne Westwood and…
Collected: 9 Feb 18
Jeremy Deller curates series of talks on The Look of Music for @PaulMellonCentr inc @farrowdesign & Neil Tennant on @pe…
Collected: 11 Jan 18
We are really excited to announce 'The Look of Music' series: the artist Jeremy Deller has invited designers, musician…
Collected: 13 Dec 17
Jeremy Deller collaborates with Adrian Sherwood to sample bat frequencies for ‘Freetail Dub’ vinyl release: https://t.…
Collected: 24 Jan 18
What does music look like, visually? via @CNNstyle

What does music look like?

Artist Jeremy Deller examines the relationship between the sounds of popular music and the aesthetic and images they produce in a series of talks.
What does music look like?

CNN Style
24 Jan 18
Emma Hanna covering 5 elements of FWW commemoration - participatory, performative, problematic, profitable and political. Je…
Collected: 11 Dec 17
Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller offers limited-edition print to help Grenfell families #JFGT…
Collected: 7 Dec 17
Beautiful, inspiring idea @HepworthGallery @jeremydeller - How Jeremy Deller is brightening the school day
Collected: 20 Jan 18
Learning lots from Jeremy Deller at #fwwmemory on what happened to the #wearehere costumes, how the actors should have bee…
Collected: 11 Dec 17