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Ray William Johnson

@sIamdunc: thanks for all the birthday wishes , kind of disappointed no one got ray william johnson to come to my house and play xbox wi…
virtual youtuber ray william johnson desu
Collected: 11 Mar 18
anthony fantano is just ray william johnson from an alternate universe
Collected: 18 Jan 18
Ray william johnson should be the only man ever to be allowed to make reaction videos pay homage to the OG
Collected: 24 Feb 18
I ain’t gon lie I used to watch ray william johnson ??
Collected: 1 Feb 18
"Are u ready for ur scary iphone notification lesson" Depression gulped Anxiety nodded hawaii ballistic missile Eme…
Collected: 21 Jan 18
From Mia Khalifa to Ray William Johnson SO quick https://t.co/2ZsuWvaVM7
Collected: 20 Dec 17
Logan's got the Logang, Jake's got Jake Paulers, Drew Gooden's got Greg, Ray William Johnson has .... I feel like you guys…
Collected: 10 Feb 18
Hierarchy of Philosophers by importance: 1. Ray William Johnson 2. Ronaldinho Guacho 3. Frank Yang 4. Bana Alabeed 5. G…
Collected: 3 Feb 18
does anyone remember when ray william johnson had a youtube channel devoted to politics https://t.co/9F7t4qT73Q
Collected: 13 Jan 18
remember when ray william johnson tried to make an nsfw gorillaz ripoff where goanimate-looking characters would sing about h…
Collected: 8 Jan 18
Major thanks to @RayWJ. Seriously. No Ray William Johnson, no Angry Grandpa. Period. The exposure we got from his ALL CAPS…
Collected: 18 Feb 18
What the fuk is brakn forum its me ray william johnson
Collected: 24 Jan 18
IDC What ANYONE says about Ray William Johnson. He SHOUTED ME out A record 6 TIMES! ONLY Youtuber to be featured on his show 3…
Collected: 14 Jan 18
Join my political party: Our platform: - Make kinder eggs legal again - Deport Ray William johnson - Build a great w…
Collected: 22 Feb 18
All these youtubers setting up boxing matches for views gives me hope that we’ll see a Fred vs. Ray William Johnson fight…
Collected: 1 Mar 18
yall just mad cause its logan paul i bet ray william johnson could get away with this
Collected: 2 Jan 18
Ray William Johnson had my lil ass DYINGGGGGGG https://t.co/bbes2K4kRM
Collected: 5 Mar 18
Ray William Johnson was the goat https://t.co/7iLOLg4bX4
Collected: 5 Mar 18
Only real nigga up here is Ray William Johnson https://t.co/NAgVqaT7nu
Collected: 5 Mar 18
Ray William Johnson: What's Happening forum? oh god, what IS happening? Forum? Forum?! are you there, Forum?! Where am I???
Collected: 19 Jan 18
So, did anyone in the forum ever answer Ray William Johnson?
Collected: 14 Jan 18
Fun fact: Ray William Johnson is bleeding subs SO QUICKLY it's estimated that in the next five years he'll lose 2 million sub…
Collected: 24 Feb 18
The year is 2011. You just got off the bus with your BFF. You get some polar pops. You spend the rest of the night watchin…
Collected: 17 Jan 18
Ray William Johnson he’s doing you’re mom
Collected: 8 Mar 18
Bruh, =3 was dope why you gotta do Ray William Johnson like that ?? https://t.co/FOTr5A3mG8
Collected: 6 Mar 18
if we’re being honest, i only fucked with ray william johnson https://t.co/J8nAvYGzRE
Collected: 5 Mar 18
Ray William Johnson and Smosh follow me but it’s sad bc rwj is basically dead and smosh isn’t even smosh rip to the lege…
Collected: 4 Mar 18
@VulpesOkamis @mytylkamizono ray William Johnson t-poses into your room and castrates y-
Collected: 5 Feb 18
ray william johnson just uploaded a https://t.co/9z8uNqg41F
Collected: 20 Jan 18
matt champion is just that white dude from ray william johnson's old rap group
Collected: 17 Jan 18