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@RobertSimpson76: Tony Blair's Charity Said To Have Links To Muslim Extremism

Tony Blair's religious charity's 'links to extremism'

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is being allegedly advised by a leading member of the Kuwaiti arm of the group which has been declared a terrorist organisation in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Mail Online
20 Apr 14
For how long will the "international community" tolerate the mendacious murderous money-machine known as the "Peace Env…
Collected: 9 Jul 13
Tony Blair's new portrait is going to do a Dorian Gray. Watch out World.
Collected: 23 Dec 13
Last night's dream?.. I was running Late for my performance of Rocky Horror with Tony Blair.
Collected: 11 Mar 13
Tell one it's not Bono, Cliff Richard or Tony Blair #NewPope
Collected: 13 Mar 13
A Royal Marine gets life for killing a Taliban terrorist. Tony Blair gets nothing for starting the illegal wars that sen…
Collected: 6 Dec 13
One has NEVER exchanged a joke with Tony Blair. Let's just get that straight. #OurQueen
Collected: 17 Mar 13
This is one HELL of an obituary for Clarissa Dickson-Wright.Quinine! Yachts! Suet! Sex! Tony Blair's psychopath eyes! htt…
Collected: 17 Mar 14
Twitter / georgegalloway: Mr Blair...? We're coming to ...

Mr Blair...? We're coming to get you. The Killing of Tony Blair has begun...

Mr Blair...? We're coming to get you. The Killing of Tony Blair has begun...

Bradley Manning exposed war crimes & should be hailed as a hero. Gets 35 years in jail. Tony Blair is a mass murderer. Gets…
Collected: 22 Aug 13
THREAT: FBI label pressure cookers ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Tony Blair demands new investigation into Iraq’s relationship with Tefal.
Collected: 23 Apr 13
I still think Tony Blair was robbed #newpope
Collected: 13 Mar 13
"Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing" Tony Blair
Collected: 31 Mar 14
"Suspected war criminals 'able to stay in UK' 'In fairness,Tony Blair was PM, we could hardly kick him out' a spokesman…
Collected: 13 Feb 14
MP @georgegalloway crushes hypocrisy on Western imperialism, #drones, Syria & explains why he is killing Tony #Blair: http:…
Collected: 20 Dec 13
My teachers used to call me a failure. ?Tony Blair Though we pass through many difficulties in life, we should not giv…
Collected: 5 Jul 13
In first-class seat 1A at 30,000ft somewhere, Tony Blair is smiling wryly. #TomWatson
Collected: 4 Jul 13
David Cameron has missed 3.2% of PMQs, compared to 5% for Tony Blair and 11.8% for Gordon Brown (4/4) #bbcdp
Collected: 26 Apr 13
Documentary 'Class of 92' which is releasing on 2nd Dec will include insight from Zidane, Tony Blair, The Stone Roses, Cant…
Collected: 5 Nov 13
According to new YouGov poll, more than a fifth (22%) of the British public think Tony Blair should be tried as a 'war criminal' over Iraq.
Collected: 14 Mar 13
Tony Blair will deliver no-notes speech on 'Europe, geopolitics and Scotland' in unannounced appearance in Edinburgh, source in his office
Collected: 6 Mar 13
.@lukeakehurst Given your idol Tony Blair is being paid $13m a year to work for dictatorship of Kazakhstan, maybe learn some humility
Collected: 5 Mar 13
Africa's false prophet: Cashgate forces Tony Blair out of #Malawi | Read more:

Africa's false prophet: 'Cashgate' forces Tony Blair out of Malawi

Once a beacon of hope as Malawi's first female president, Joyce Banda is now mired in a corruption scandal.

20 Jan 14
In January 2002 Tony Blair told MPs Britain would not tolerate torture. The SAME WEEK MI6 was telling staff they did n…
Collected: 19 Dec 13
@georgegalloway Now that Marine 'A' has been found guilty of murdering ONE. It's time to put Tony Blair on trial for murder…
Collected: 8 Nov 13
Say what you like about Tony Blair, but at least the seasons always ran on time.
Collected: 23 Mar 13
George W Bush's painting of Tony Blair... #r4today
Collected: 5 Apr 14
Sky sports news have had an absolute tony blair. @FootyAccums
Collected: 2 Apr 14
Tony Blair: "Global terrorism is based on religious extremism. Not any extremism but a specifically Muslim version.” ht…
Collected: 18 Feb 14
BBC are exclusively interviewing white men about Nelson Mandela's death. De Klerk, Tony Blair, assorted white male aca…
Collected: 6 Dec 13
So we put British soldiers in front of the worlds media for war crimes, but Tony Blair still walks free. See how it works yet?
Collected: 9 Nov 13
The Killing of Tony Blair. Picking up a head of steam I think. Crowd funding coming shortly...

'The Killing of Tony Blair': George Galloway in bid to raise funds for film about former PM

The outspoken politician George Galloway will turn his hand to film making following an announcement that he intends to produce a feature-length documentary entitled The Killing of Tony Blair.

The Independent
11 Aug 13
Text from Tony Blair: "I know what Kate is going through: I too found it hugely frustrating being in labour" Not replying. #R…
Collected: 22 Jul 13
Not since Tony Blair lied about Iraq has a British PM lied so blatantly about his intentions. "The NHS is safe in my hands…
Collected: 25 Jun 13
Tony Blair? Cocaine? Patsy Kensit? Artists discuss who killed Britpop in this week's mag. Read on digital edition now

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9 May 13
Lady #Thatcher was once asked to name her greatest achievement. She smiled and said "Tony Blair"
Collected: 9 Apr 13
"The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes." —Tony Blair #MorningMotivation
Collected: 4 Apr 14
Tony Blair, supporter of crackdown on Brotherhood, in Cairo yesterday. Today we discover his frmr advisor to investigate …
Collected: 1 Apr 14
Not since Tony Blair lied about Iraq has a British PM lied so blatantly about his intentions. "I am not privatising the NH…
Collected: 28 Feb 14
"@TruthWarrior54: Suicides of Bank Executives Fraud Financial Manipulation #wearethepeople #GCR is getting closer! ht…
Collected: 17 Feb 14
TONY BLAIR rattling on about extremism... how many deaths can be attached to his name? Hypocrite...
Collected: 23 Dec 13
Human Rights Watch has been asking Tony Blair about his work for #Kazakhstan. His answers are not encouraging... http://t.…
Collected: 31 Oct 13
Twitter / robmanuel: Charles Manson painted his ...

Charles Manson painted his VW Camper black to make it more sinister. Here's Tony Blair's private jet:

Charles Manson painted his VW Camper black to make it more sinister. Here's Tony Blair's private jet: