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@ggreenwald: The Blairs now own 8 homes. Number of family members enlisted to fight in all the wars Tony advocates: zero
@Vespbar: I've no problem with Tony Blair giving his opinion on Iraq, it's just he should be doing it from The Hague... #warcriminal
@davidschneider: Idea for TV show. Contestants compete to try and think of a situation where Tony Blair wouldn't advocate military inter…
@LanaGrunfeld: Tony Blair not ‘best placed ’ to give Iraq advice, says French foreign minister via @josephjett #japan
This is one HELL of an obituary for Clarissa Dickson-Wright.Quinine! Yachts! Suet! Sex! Tony Blair's psychopath eyes! htt…
Collected: 17 Mar 14
Oscar's not a murderer, Bernie's bribe free, Rebekah knew nothing & Tony Blair's sorting out the Middle East. YOU try w…
Collected: 12 Sep 14
"Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing" Tony Blair
Collected: 31 Mar 14
Twitter / Rowland72James: Tony Blair as Caravaggio's ...

Tony Blair as Caravaggio's Narcissus hopelessly in love with his own reflection @blairsupporter

Tony Blair as Caravaggio's Narcissus hopelessly in love with his own reflection @blairsupporter

George W Bush's painting of Tony Blair... #r4today
Collected: 5 Apr 14
Sky sports news have had an absolute tony blair. @FootyAccums
Collected: 2 Apr 14
Tony Blair Shakespearian Tragedy...
Collected: 25 Apr 14
"The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes." —Tony Blair #MorningMotivation
Collected: 4 Apr 14
Tony Blair, supporter of crackdown on Brotherhood, in Cairo yesterday. Today we discover his frmr advisor to investigate …
Collected: 1 Apr 14
Not since Tony Blair lied about Iraq has a British PM lied so blatantly about his intentions. "I am not privatising the NH…
Collected: 28 Feb 14
Tony Blair has ten homes. 1.2 million Iraquis have had to flee theirs. It hardly seems right.
Collected: 15 Aug 14
Somebody tell George Bush and Tony Blair: The "collateral damage" of 2003 is the #ISIS of 2013. So much for the "mission…
Collected: 10 Aug 14
@georgegalloway @TheBlairDoc Tony Blair War Criminal #thekillingoftonyblair
Collected: 26 Apr 14” No mention of Israel's air strikes, or context of rockets, Guardian's coverage a national disgra…
Collected: 13 Mar 14
I hear that BBC's @JeremyPaxman is resigning on air tonight to protest Tony Blair genocide in Iraq.
Collected: 7 Mar 14
The Blairs now own 8 homes. Number of family members enlisted to fight in all the wars Tony advocates: zero
Collected: 22 Sep 14
There are a many many good reasons to vote Yes. One of the best ones is that Tony Blair is telling you to vote No.
Collected: 15 Sep 14
Tony Blair has won a £697,000 (Israeli) prize for 'leadership on the world stage' Was hosting a £50,000 party in London whil…
Collected: 29 Jul 14
Tony Blair on #Gaza rockets fired at Israel: "These rockets are fired indiscriminately at the Israeli population." http://t.…
Collected: 16 Jul 14
Last night at the Milken Conference Reception I got to meet former British PM Tony Blair and Rawanda Pres. Kagame! http:/…
Collected: 29 Apr 14
@ZedTrafficker @RCdeWinter Never let it be forgotten Bush /Cheney policy based on lies &Tony Blair and …
Collected: 17 Apr 14
Brie is now "Brie Bryan." If she divorces and then marries Tony Blair, she'll be "Brie Bryan Blair" #wwe #raw @TNACreative …
Collected: 15 Apr 14
Tony Blair in recent past life looking ecstatic to be best friends with hitler
Collected: 10 Apr 14
Blair knew about CIA torture and kidnap. Time for ministers and senior spies to be prosecuted & jailed for this: http://t…
Collected: 6 Apr 14
How an unholy alliance of Saudi and Tony Blair lies behind the UK's investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood: http://t.c
Collected: 2 Apr 14
Tony Blair: With hindsight maybe I should have gone for #equalmarriage and not just civil partnerships
Collected: 19 Mar 14
Tony Blair, Len McCluskey and David Owen back Miliband's party reforms. That's quite a big tent.
Collected: 1 Mar 14
Today was a good day...sold a painting...chopped it up with Tony Blair...met a guy who built a space ship to Pluto ?? http:/…
Collected: 19 Sep 14
The Voice Of Reason ... “@sketch_a_etch: Tony Blair enters into the Scottish independence debate! #indyref #VoteYes http://t…
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Watchdog alerted to Tony Blair’s role at charity (Pic: Rex)

Watchdog alerted to Tony Blair's role at charity - Telegraph

Charity Commission to meet Tony Blair Faith Foundation representatives over concerns raised by former employee

7 Sep 14
Soul for sale: Tony Blair earns millions spinning Kazakhstan's shooting of civilians

Tony Blair gives Kazakhstan's autocratic president tips on how to defend a massacre - Telegraph

Tony Blair told the Nursultan Nazarbayev that the deaths of 14 protesters 'tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress' his country had made

30 Aug 14
Tony Blair Bears 'Total Responsibility' For Isis, Says Academic Who Advised Him On Iraq

I Warned You About This, Tony

SEE ALSO: ISIS Annual Report Reveals 7 Disturbing Statistics From Terror Group Sweeping Iraq There is "absolutely" a link between the invasion of Iraq and the rise of terror group Isis, for which Tony Blair bears "total responsibili...

The Huffington Post UK
28 Aug 14
But Dr Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, says Tony Blair's invasion of Iraq opened a Pandora's box
Collected: 20 Aug 14
While Gaza is bombarded Tony Blair holidays on a freebie in Italy @QuartetRep @georgegalloway h…

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: What crisis? Blair's on another luxury freebie

Tony Blair and his wife Cherie are staying at the luxurious villa belonging to Massimo Carello and his wife Sara on Lipari, off the coast of Sicily.

Mail Online
20 Aug 14
Twitter / Adam_M_Ali: Ladies and gentlemen, your ...

Ladies and gentlemen, your Middle East Peace Envoy, Tony Blair. #Palestine #Israel #Gaza @georgegall…

Ladies and gentlemen, your Middle East Peace Envoy, Tony Blair. #Palestine #Israel #Gaza @georgegall…

#Hamas have no legitimacy in #Gaza - they are occupiers. The last election was 2006. By that logic, Tony blair would stil…
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Uh oh.
Collected: 12 Apr 14
Anyone else remember the lying shit Blair, asked at a press conf if torture was ever justified? "No" he said, simply. http:/…
Collected: 6 Apr 14
Collected: 5 Apr 14
Ex-PM Tony Blair, a public backer of Saudi/UAE-backed Sisi regime began his 2nd visit of month to #Egypt on Monday: http:/…
Collected: 2 Apr 14
"Ian Botham, Kate Middleton, Ant & Dec, Tony Blair, Stuart Broad, Go Compare Opera Guy...YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATI…
Collected: 31 Mar 14
The Islington house bought by Cherie and Tony Blair in 1993 for £375k (sold by them for £615k in '97) has just been sold for £…
Collected: 25 Mar 14
Whenever Labour go on about Toffs take a look at this picture of man of the people Tony Blair's house
Collected: 23 Mar 14