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Rolf Harris

@WillBlackWriter: I've covered Rolf Harris and other child abusers extensively. All of the reporters in court were actually real trained…
Or middle aged white TV presenters because of Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris, eh Piers?
Collected: 15 May 18
The leader of Momentum looks the love child of Rolf Harris and Ayatollah Khomeini.
Collected: 4 May 18
Whopper from Rolf Harris ????
Collected: 4 Mar 18
BUSINESS IDEA: give Rolf Harris & Bill Cosby their own podcast only to call it Two Paeds On A Pod.
Collected: 8 May 18
But they did give jobs to paedophiles like Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris and John Peel.
Collected: 22 Apr 18
Australian celebrity pedophile Rolf Harris, 88, recently freed after 5 years in jail for 12 child sex abuse counts, inclu…
Collected: 5 Apr 18
BREAKING: Rolf Harris loses his spot as Australia’s number 1 tamperer. #StickyTapeGate
Collected: 24 Mar 18
Rangers fans deleting tweets quicker that Rolf Harris was burning hard drives.
Collected: 11 Mar 18
Other sicko’s who claim to be ‘Muslim’ including; child groomers, perpetrators of honour killings and weapons traffick…
Collected: 27 Mar 18
So much flawed logic out there, it's painful to see. "British leaders have done bad things, therefore Putin is okay"…
Collected: 14 Mar 18
@SkyNews A bit like getting Rolf Harris to recommend a babysitter
Collected: 10 Apr 18
Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and Max Clifford walk into a pub, and the Irish Barman said not Yewtree again
Collected: 22 Mar 18
Greg, if Rolf Harris starts speaking out against #Brexit, do you also want me to keep schtum on his crimes as well bec…
Collected: 3 Apr 18
The Beatles topped the bill at London's Royal Albert Hall, for a concert also featuring Del Shannon, the Springfields, Ro…
Collected: 18 Apr 18
Regarding the BBC and bias, why should you be surprised at the values of an organisation that turned a blind eye to the a…
Collected: 5 Apr 18
@SophieRunning @BBCr4today now sees itself as Jeremy Kyle show for the middle class. Brexit? Lawson. Gender pay? Peterson.…
Collected: 5 Apr 18
The club can confirm that Muza has been shortlisted for the final 3 of the Ballon D'Nonce trophy. The other two finalists a…
Collected: 30 Mar 18
HERE IT IS! ????????????Me singing ‘tie me kangaroo down sport’ with Rolf Harris on backing vocals ??????
Collected: 19 Mar 18
… Keith Chegwin, John Conteh, Peter Cook, Bruce Forsyth, Rolf Harris, Kenny Lynch, Ed Stewart, Dave Lee Travis, Bernie Winte…
Collected: 9 Mar 18
@SuheylaTopuz Neither was Rolf Harris or Jimmy Saville. But holding aloft examples of celebrity paedophiles to cast asid…
Collected: 5 Mar 18
@andrewdavidcleg @zaranick1 An isolated incident for sure.... The Rotherham gang, sentenced to 25 years....were out in und…
Collected: 25 May 18
Rolf Harris was a member of @BBCRadio4’s #RoyalWedding  commentary team in 1981. He reported on the progress of Charles and D…
Collected: 19 May 18
Rolf Harris is out of prison and he’s on smack???? #Eurovison
Collected: 12 May 18
TONIGHT! Pianos on fire! Rolf Harris oboe solos! Scooby Doo meets Yolanda Be Cool! This year's Eurovision is filled to the gi…
Collected: 12 May 18
The Popbitch Guide To Eurovision 2018 is now fully updated and ready for tomorrow's final. Pianos on fire! Rolf Harris obo…
Collected: 11 May 18
Well, that's depressing. But remember Jimmy Saville was a national treasure. So was Bill Cosby. So was Rolf Harris. Th…
Collected: 24 May 18
What did Rolf Harris Get ?...,,,,,,
Collected: 10 May 18
Craig Levein looks more and more like Rolf Harris every day.
Collected: 6 May 18
The most disturbing caricature since Rolf Harris drew himself as a friendly kangaroo
Collected: 18 Apr 18
You'd get more than that at the next Rolf Harris concert.
Collected: 16 Apr 18
Our AGM has amazing live music & great beer. Basically it is like Glastonbury, expect it won't get ruined by either weath…
Collected: 9 Apr 18
Jeremy Corbyn's just-released statement was actually written by Rolf Harris. #PredictTheNextCorbynSmear
Collected: 26 Mar 18
Rolf Harris also had an extraordinary career
Collected: 14 Mar 18
Presumably Nigel thinks that we should deport all Australian people from our shores on account of Rolf Harris being a to…
Collected: 7 Mar 18
It’s Donald Trump, it’s Morgan Freeman, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford. The creepy guy you ma…
Collected: 24 May 18
Has anybody else noticed how much Polo Bear from the Waterfront looks like Rolf Harris?
Collected: 24 May 18
@Mark55064koff @DelboyMk3 The first lot from Rotherham, sentenced to 25 years each, raped over 1,400 girls,were out in jus…
Collected: 6 May 18
@msnightwriter @ARC4Freedom @Patriot4572 @LindaRockers @xtrabiggg @StoneColdChik @silentrunning12 @2AFan @cactusflower81…
Collected: 4 May 18
My boyfriend just turned to me dead serious and said “I wonder if they let Rolf Harris have his wobble board in prison”
Collected: 27 Apr 18
From April 1972 it's Look-In! Rolf Harris ! David Cassidy! Follyfoot! Fenn Street Gang! Please Sir! Timeslip! How!?? https://t.…
Collected: 24 Apr 18
Haha go on Rolf Harris ?????????? @SimplyLoveLeh #SLB #SimplehLoveleh
Collected: 22 Apr 18
Paedo Rolf Harris plays didgeridoo and performs old songs at party to thank pals for standing by him
Collected: 2 Apr 18
Cabaret star Rhonda Burchmore reveals she Experienced Sexual Abuse at the Hands of Rolf Harris and Late Hollywood Legend…
Collected: 1 Apr 18
#culture Rolf Harris Lovers On The Seine @archivetro @TizianaRomano7 @maxfurini @paoloigna1 @SteCannas @albertopetro2 @Mari…
Collected: 23 Mar 18
Jimmy Savile.. Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter walk into an Irish pub. Landlord shouts: 'Oi.. Yewtree'.
Collected: 15 Mar 18
I could be wrong. But I think Rolf Harris is in Yafai’s corner. I’m not sure if he’s been CRB checked and I’m wondering if…
Collected: 3 Mar 18
Jimmy saville, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall walk into an irish bar... Barman says... ‘not yew tree again’
Collected: 17 May 18
#Eurovision No points from Australia??? Right, let's send Rolf Harris back.
Collected: 12 May 18
At 125bpm, I calculate you can fit roughly 94 bars of music into three minutes (the upper limit for Eurovision). Why the f…
Collected: 10 May 18
@roseross1958 @GodandtheBear @dovesandletters @KOMBUCHABABY @treehugger1605 @Morgana03990390 Rolf Harris, Bill Cosby. Not t…
Collected: 27 Apr 18