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@Frida_Spathlo: Elon Musk maybe? Or Oscar Pistorius depending on how you look at things https://t.co/37RTBn9a2y
@thatsadman_: in regards to skinny jeans yeah.. don’t do it. It’s moist. Especially if you’re slim because you legit look like Oscar Pis…
@ohmygrapeness: “Roses are red Violets are glorious Get outta the bathroom It’s Oscar Pistorius” ~ unknown
You draw the line by not discriminating against anyone based on their race, class, gender, religion or sexuality. By not a…
Collected: 5 Dec 17
Mr Oscar Pistorius should be respected. https://t.co/Mu9VdRikoA
Collected: 21 Feb 18
Swap Tosun for Oscar Pistorius and then we might have a fucking shot on target one day
Collected: 13 Jan 18
Can anyone else see Tom doing a Oscar Pistorius rerun? That guy is unsafe/unhinged/needs padded cell immediately #OneNigh…
Collected: 2 Jan 18
Remembering when Africa's A Country went after a major publication for reverse-engineering my analysis on the implicit racism…
Collected: 4 Dec 17
South Africa star lawyer Barry Roux, who famously saved Oscar Pistorius' butt, starts his 1st murder case in Swaziland…
Collected: 28 Jan 18
It's a good job Michael McIntyre never tried this midnight Xmas surprise thing with Oscar Pistorius
Collected: 24 Dec 17
Convicted rapist Brock Turner wants to pull an Oscar Pistorius and the world should let him. https://t.co/72K6GvaE4c
Collected: 2 Dec 17
Baleka Mbete is no saint. She has protected Jacob Zuma in Parliament all these years. If she had done her job, the giggling bu…
Collected: 17 Dec 17
What Does Zuma,The Gupta Brothers and Oscar Pistorius Have In Common? . They Don't Like and Will Never Celebrate Valent…
Collected: 14 Feb 18
5 years ago, on this day, Reeva Steenkamp died ?? Oscar Pistorius -an egotistic gun enthusiast with a short temper- brutally…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
Oscar Pistorius made us lawyers in a matter of weeks so Longwe Thwala must not try us with the lies. Please.
Collected: 8 Feb 18
Don’t despair Gooners. Did Oscar Pistorius give up after Nelson Mandela chopped his legs off ? No. He grew new ones and…
Collected: 14 Jan 18
Oscar Pistorius is taking chances. He heard Bathabile wants to forgive state capture like we apparently forgave aparthe…
Collected: 20 Dec 17
I'm loving my Oscar Pistorius advent calendar made by Smirnoff. It's got 4 shots behind every door.
Collected: 18 Dec 17
Klaasen on Chahal has to be the most violent behaviour exhibited by a South African since Oscar Pistorius went full Nikolas Cr…
Collected: 21 Feb 18
Only Katie Hopkins could end up going to South Africa to investigate the Oscar Pistorius case and end up in a ket hole wit…
Collected: 6 Feb 18
“Roses are red Violets are glorious Get outta the bathroom It’s Oscar Pistorius” ~ unknown
Collected: 14 Feb 18
Gunna end up like oscar pistorius on new years eve, legless and locked up
Collected: 21 Dec 17
Harry Winks Jack Wilshere Oscar Pistorius My nan My nan’s mate from bingo A basketball with a face drawn on it An out-of-da…
Collected: 14 Dec 17
You know you did a job when Villa had less shots on target than Oscar Pistorius
Collected: 9 Dec 17
First Oscar Pistorius, now Jacob Zuma. South Africans love making history on valentines day hey. #ZumaExit
Collected: 15 Feb 18
Oscar Pistorius once ruined Valentine's Day. Now Jacob Zuma, in the ultimate final sacrifice, has made it a joyous occasi…
Collected: 15 Feb 18
This time 4 years ago, Oscar Pistorius was shooting his girlfriend
Collected: 14 Feb 18
Amazing. White compatriots in a knot when white fallen heroes get a media laser pointed at them. From Hansie Cronjé t…
Collected: 13 Dec 17
“You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.” ~Oscar Pistorius #idpwd #b…
Collected: 3 Dec 17
Elon Musk maybe? Or Oscar Pistorius depending on how you look at things https://t.co/37RTBn9a2y
Collected: 24 Feb 18
President Jacob Zuma and South Africa - the biggest bombshell #ValentinesDay break up since Oscar Pistorius and Reeva. #Zu…
Collected: 15 Feb 18
It’s been 5 yrs since Oscar pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.
Collected: 14 Feb 18
The 5th anniversary of Reeva Steenkamp's death who was shot dead while getting a glass of water by her boyfriend Oscar Pis…
Collected: 13 Feb 18
Oscar Pistorius was walking around the courtroom like this https://t.co/VqkY9swXxK
Collected: 10 Feb 18
Laureus have a lot to answer for. 18 years of glossy bullshit. Not a care about doping or greed Previous winners 2000 Marion…
Collected: 16 Jan 18
@justingoldchain @CombMyAfro they won a tinpot treble, havent won a title since oscar pistorius had 2 legs, got their ass…
Collected: 3 Jan 18
I love my Oscar Pistorius advent calendar made by Smirnoff. It's got four shots behind every door.
Collected: 18 Dec 17
Still RT @SnottieDrippen: “Come thru girl, you deserve rounds tonight.” ~ Oscar Pistorius
Collected: 17 Dec 17
Oscar Pistorius’ bathroom door is a better shot stopper than J Ruddz
Collected: 21 Feb 18
@TalkNorwichCity @YouTube Could'nt belive it, R.I.P Oscar Pistorius
Collected: 14 Feb 18
Around this time 5 years ago Oscar Pistorius was polishing his gun ???? https://t.co/Za8NGwsETN
Collected: 13 Feb 18
Comrades Who Got No Plans For The 14th Because You Are Single, Relax, I Got You... Nasi IStocko Se Valentine's Day...…
Collected: 12 Feb 18
I mean is me tweeting something like "Oscar Pistorius swear he got a leg up on the competition." worth blocking me over?
Collected: 10 Feb 18
Quote from #OscarPistorius … “You've made the entrance to write the test, but now the test is in front of you” End qu…
Collected: 7 Feb 18
14th February 2013: Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. https://t.…
Collected: 14 Jan 18
Oscar Pistorius appeals against 15-year murder sentence he was given last month https://t.co/ULvYKFT11g

Oscar Pistorius appeals against increased 15-year murder sentence

The Paralympic gold medalist filed legal papers at South Africa's highest court on Tuesday, saying that judges who increased his sentence for six to 15 years had ignored findings by lower courts.
Oscar Pistorius appeals against increased 15-year murder sentence

Mail Online
19 Dec 17
Former Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has filed an appeal to the South African constitutional court to challenge his in…
Collected: 19 Dec 17
Oscar Pistorius has been hurt in a prison brawl, less than two weeks after his sentence for the killing of his girlfriend was…
Collected: 12 Dec 17
Brock Turner wants a new trial, I hope they go Oscar Pistorius on him and give him at least half the time he should’ve end…
Collected: 3 Dec 17
Alas, poor Oscar. We knew him well. From paralympian to parakiller. Judge Masipa's view of #OscarPistorius as a Shake…
Collected: 2 Dec 17
The former South African state prosecutor who led the case against convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius is prepared to take l…
Collected: 19 Feb 18
BREAKING: South African appeals court increases Oscar Pistorius sentence to a period of 13 and five years. https:/…
Collected: 19 Feb 18
Oscar Pistorius #DidntMakeTheOlympicsBecause he's now a murderer https://t.co/a2UvfwjG1b
Collected: 15 Feb 18