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Prince Fielder

Giancarlo Stanton is the first National League player to hit 50 homers in a season since Prince Fielder in 2007. https:/…
Collected: 28 Aug 17
This is amazing. Terry Francona throwing BP to 12 year old Prince Fielder ???
Collected: 13 Sep 17
Nine year old Prince Fielder with his father in the Tiger clubhouse
Collected: 9 Sep 17
Giancarlo Stanton has 57 home runs, 30 doubles. He is first NL player with 50 HR, 30 2B since Brewers’ Prince Fielder in…
Collected: 24 Sep 17
Giancarlo Stanton is the first player with 50 HR and 30 doubles in a season since Prince Fielder in 2007.
Collected: 24 Sep 17
This is incredible. This is Terry Francona throwing BP to 12 year old Prince Fielder ???
Collected: 12 Sep 17
Prince Fielder was a savage ??
Collected: 3 Aug 17
Stanton (129) & Ozuna (121) are first pair of teammates to combine for 250 RBIs since 2009: Prince Fielder (141) & Ryan Brau…
Collected: 30 Sep 17
(1996) Terry Francona throwing BP to 12 year old Prince Fielder!
Collected: 29 Aug 17
Giancarlo Stanton: 1st NL player with 46 HR in a season since Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols did it in 2009 (Fielder -…
Collected: 22 Aug 17
So is this what it is like when Prince Fielder walks in front of the sun #eclipse2017
Collected: 21 Aug 17
Prince Fielder was a savage ??
Collected: 4 Aug 17
Career hit #1646 moves Braun past Prince Fielder and into 433rd place in MLB since 1901.
Collected: 30 Jul 17
Giancarlo Stanton has hit his 50th dinger and is the first player since Prince Fielder did it in 2007 ????
Collected: 27 Aug 17
Glad to see Prince Fielder is enjoying retirement
Collected: 20 Aug 17
50+ home run seasons, age 25 and under: Prince Fielder Willie Mays Ralph Kiner A-Rod Mickey Mantle Babe Ruth Jimmie Foxx…
Collected: 25 Sep 17
This is Terry Francona throwing Batting Practice to 12 year old Prince Fielder. This is amazing ???
Collected: 17 Sep 17
Eric Thames is first #Brewers player to homer in 3 consecutive games on 3 separate occasions in same year since Prince Fie…
Collected: 16 Sep 17
Giancarlo Stanton becomes the first NL player to reach 5??0?? HR's since Prince Fielder in 2007. ?? (??: @MLB) https://t…
Collected: 28 Aug 17
#SportyBooks The Little Prince Fielder
Collected: 2 Aug 17
[email protected] release 1B/DH Prince Fielder.
Collected: 4 Oct 17
12 year old Prince Fielder taking BP with Terry Francona. This is legendary ????
Collected: 13 Sep 17
Prince Fielder Appreciation tweet
Collected: 5 Aug 17
Tigers also are paying $6 million a year for next three seasons to cover Prince Fielder's contract as part of Ian Kinsler tr…
Collected: 1 Sep 17
Hopefully, this gives you a clear idea of how the Prince Fielder release/insurance payoff works:

Prince Fielder released more than a year after playing his last game with the Rangers

ARLINGTON — More than a year after he played his last game, Prince Fielder was released.The Rangers negotiated with the insurance carrier on the...

5 Oct 17
You never saw Prince Fielder in 2012?
Collected: 20 Aug 17
Rangers Release Prince Fielder
Collected: 4 Oct 17
Career homers Ryan Howard: 382 Frank Howard: 382 Cecil Fielder: 319 Prince Fielder: 319 Adam Dunn: 462 Jose Canseco:…
Collected: 6 Sep 17
Since 2007, most seasons with 25 HR and .400 OBP: #Reds Joey Votto - 6 Prince Fielder - 4 Albert Pujols - 4 Miguel Cabrera -…
Collected: 8 Aug 17
Scooter Gennett has more grand slams this season (3) than Prince Fielder hit in his entire career (1).
Collected: 22 Aug 17
Sept 25- 1965- Willie Mays oldest to hit 50HR 2007- Prince Fielder youngest to hit 50HR 2017- Aaron Judge first rookie…
Collected: 26 Sep 17
Aaron Judge joins Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Ralph Kiner, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Prince Fielder as only players 25 or un…
Collected: 25 Sep 17
adrian beltre let prince fielder touch his head ??
Collected: 30 Jul 17
If Dom Smith can be our Prince Fielder, I'll take it
Collected: 12 Aug 17
Prince Fielder Auto Bat $55 OBO. Comic Book Lot FS (32 Books. Not all pictured).
Collected: 1 Aug 17
1. Marshawn Lynch 2. Tom Brady 3. Shaq 4. Joey Votto 5. Prince Fielder
Collected: 30 Jul 17