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@robneyer: I think Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols help explain the market’s loss of interest in free-agent hitters. Do YOU wanna be stuck…
#Cubs Bryant's $10.85 million tops Ryan Howard's record salary for a 1st year arbitration eligible player. Howard, who, l…
Collected: 12 Jan 18
Ryan Howard: a Dalmatian is born white and acquires spots as they grow, which mirrors Ryan’s tendency to switch personalities…
Collected: 30 Dec 17
Ryan Howard hits a 3-run HR in the 4th and the Phillies lead the Rays 5-1. #WorldSeries https://t.co/POE6xUoOI5
Collected: 27 Oct 17
The outpouring of Love for Roy Halladay today was overwhelming Among former Phillies at Halladay’s Memorial: ¦ Chase Ut…
Collected: 15 Nov 17
*at Port St. Lucie bar in February* RUBEN: "Ryan Howard" OMAR: "JJ Putz, no physical" RUBEN: "Papelbon, without waiting for…
Collected: 22 Dec 17
Nah that's just a WUPHF from Ryan Howard at Dunder Mifflin https://t.co/rIwY6bwCjX
Collected: 1 Nov 17
Home runs are fine and dandy, but as long as you're putting up RBIs ... that's what helps your team win. -Ryan Howard…
Collected: 11 Jan 18
Phillies who have earned $20M+ a year in any season: Ryan Howard Cole Hamels Cliff Lee Roy Halladay Carlos Santana (Fill in n…
Collected: 15 Dec 17
Worst defenders in recent MLB history ranked by Defensive Runs Saved in career: Derek Jeter -152 Prince Fielder -101 Dex…
Collected: 1 Dec 17
Jim Thome. Billy Wagner. Kevin Millwood. Bobby Abreu. Aaron Rowand. Pat Burrell. Ryan Madson. Brad Lidge. Cliff Lee. Roy…
Collected: 23 Nov 17
Bias against Phillies continues: Ryan Howard robbed of MVP
Collected: 17 Nov 17
So many former Phillies teammates here. Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Cliff Lee, Rau…
Collected: 14 Nov 17
Roses fan art by Ryan Howard https://t.co/khki76JPad
Collected: 25 Oct 17
Before the Stanton 55 home run projection for 2018, the most homers ever projected by ZiPS was 51 for Ryan Howard in 2007.
Collected: 5 Jan 18
With the #SFGiants sending 3 prospects to the #Rays in the Evan Longoria trade, SS/3B Ryan Howard, LHP D.J. Snelten and RH…
Collected: 20 Dec 17

Ryan Howard makes his first big investment...in eSports! We discuss in Ep 60 of @TwoJerseyKids https://t.co/faBS4SMc67

Ryan Howard makes his first big investment...in eSports! We discuss in Ep 60 of @TwoJerseyKids https://t.co/faBS4SMc67

This was lost in a busy day… Freddy Galvis’ first spring in big-league camp was my first spring on the beat -- 2010. He wore…
Collected: 16 Dec 17
Gabe starts talking about Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. Now he's saying Phillies "are gonna play like" Ch…
Collected: 2 Nov 17
Ryan Howard would never https://t.co/RvvCuuagOl
Collected: 2 Nov 17
The Baseball MVP Who Is Now a VC: Ryan Howard and SeventySix Capital https://t.co/I3sF1o8wvb
Collected: 8 Jan 18
Versatility a hallmark of #SFGiants Org All-Stars like Chris Shaw and Ryan Howard, who play multiple positions: https://t.co/hXBc
Collected: 6 Dec 17
Ryan Howard on Roy Halladay https://t.co/64qI2aDj1F
Collected: 9 Nov 17
Former MVP Ryan Howard hoping for MLB return: 'I'm still active.' https://t.co/9anWJ5mjsU https://t.co/NtKuC5qcux
Collected: 10 Jan 18
Mets play in a division with a AAA team, a team that just lost 90 and had MLB release a bunch of its prospects, and a team tha…
Collected: 20 Dec 17
Most HR Through 986 Career Games 277 Ryan Howard 273 Ralph Kiner 271 Harmon Killebrew 267 ** Giancarlo Stanton 265…
Collected: 11 Dec 17
My GFs jerseys: Alonso: Torn ACL, Sproles: Torn ACL, Brayden Schenn: Traded, Jason Peters: Torn ACL, Ryan Howard: Torn Ach…
Collected: 11 Dec 17
While all the attention is on the data scientists, it’s market research where the really interesting work is, writes Ryan How…
Collected: 24 Nov 17
Big birthday party today—Bob Boone, 70 (Phillies photo), Dickie Noles, 61, and the baby, Ryan Howard, 38. Cake and wine ar…
Collected: 20 Nov 17
In the spirit of good sportsmanship, former #Phillies 1st baseman @ryanhoward will be signing books in #Vineland https…
Collected: 7 Nov 17
Utley was the last MLB out I recorded. My last pitch was a homer to Ryan Howard.
Collected: 1 Nov 17
Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Charlie Manuel — all connected again in unique way. (@The700Level) https://t.c
Collected: 19 Oct 17
How cool. Charlie Manuel watching Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard on TV @TBSNetwork, watching Chase Utley and Dodgers https:/…
Collected: 19 Oct 17
All they need now is to sign Ryan Howard and trade for Jacoby Ellsbury to complete the 2011 All-Star team https://t.co/…
Collected: 15 Jan 18
confirmed not Ryan Howard https://t.co/U8BfTNwaYh
Collected: 15 Jan 18
Can't wait to see if Bryant winds up filing north of the standing first-year arb record. My bet is that, after negotiat…
Collected: 12 Jan 18
Ryan Howard Gunning For MLB Comeback https://t.co/IMTUDXkSxq

Ryan Howard Gunning For MLB Comeback

Ryan Howard, one of baseball's most dangerous power hitters, ain't done swinging for the fences just yet.
Ryan Howard Gunning For MLB Comeback

10 Jan 18
the Ryan Howard mutual -has probably a million accounts -scammer -always has the tea -gets exposed a lot -‘why don’t peop…
Collected: 9 Jan 18
Giants' org All-Stars: C Aramis Garcia* 1B Ryder Jones 2B Miguel Gomez SS Ryan Howard* 3B Jae-gyun Hwang OF Heliot Ram…
Collected: 6 Dec 17
Standing ovation for Ryan Howard at an Eagles game? Standing ovation for Ryan Howard at an Eagles game.
Collected: 26 Nov 17
Huge ovation for Ryan Howard, shown on the big screen. Great to see.
Collected: 26 Nov 17
Ryan Howard will join Jimmy Rollins and Co. on TBS's postgame show. Utley just struck out. He's hitless in his last 11…
Collected: 19 Oct 17
It is truly amazing how many Philly superstars have suffered crucial, devastating injuries that derailed seasons, or had the…
Collected: 11 Dec 17
NL MVP @ryanhoward joins @RealBramW on the SportTechie Podcast to discuss #wearables, automated sports officiating and his…
Collected: 7 Dec 17
Author & Former Phillies Ryan Howard & wife donate books to our school. Thank you Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Marks #Woodbury…
Collected: 7 Dec 17
The Eagles greeted Ryan Howard by playing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' #Baseball
Collected: 27 Nov 17
@CharlieWisco The rise and fall of Ryan Howard
Collected: 15 Nov 17